Lindsay Lohan Unveils Sex, Suspense in ‘The Canyons’ Teaser Trailer (VIDEO)

Lindsay's Past
A timeline of Lindsay Lohan's troubled past.
Lindsay and James
Lindsay Lohan parties with 'Canyons' co-star James Deen.
First, we got a glimpse of LiLo’s Liz & Dick, then a sneak peek at Scary Movie 5 where she appears alongside Charlie Sheen. On Monday, writer-director Bret Easton Ellis offered a glimpse of Lindsay Lohan’s controversial new film role — opposite a porn actor — when he debuted a teaser of the first trailer for The Canyon.

In this retro style montage Lohan and adult film star James Deen heat things up with this grindhouse-style clip promising sleaze, scandal, and suspense — “Where everything goes” and “the sex is as cheap as the budget.”

What else does the trailer reveal?

You can’t run, and you definitely can’t hide.

In this controversial thriller created by Ellis, who wrote American Psycho, “the only way out is death.”

Lohan plays the role of Tara, who’s “sweet as sin,” alongside Deen as Christian — “the boy next door…gone bad!”

Click the video above to see what else The Canyon trailer entails.

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