Anderson Cooper Is ‘Done’ With Star Jones: 20 More Celebrity Feuds (GALLERY)

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Newsman and daytime talker Anderson Cooper may be trying not to perpetuate his ongoing feud with Star Jones, but recent comments are doing quite the opposite.

On Wednesday’s episode of daytime show Anderson Live, the host’s war of words with Jones came up while speaking to a viewer on Skype who referenced the former The View co-host.

In turn, Cooper, 45, tried to stay above the fray, including mentioning that he turned down a request from NBC’S Today to hash it out with Jones, 50. “Don’t get me in a war with Star Jones now,” he says on his show, according to THR.

“I said my peace on Star Jones, I am not one to have a feud. She tweeted back something. I said my peace and then she tweeted me and I’m not responding. Actually, the Today show tried to book me to go on with Star Jones, so we could tussle. I was like, ‘I’ve got nothing more to say, nor do I want to be in a room with her. I’m done.’ “

What is Anderson’s beef with Star?

The feud started when Jones went on Today in July and accused Cooper of coming out as gay for ratings. Last week, he addressed the comment on his show saying that comment “annoyed” him (and his mom). Furthermore, he said that if he wanted to get ratings from the admission then he would’ve done it on his own show with massive promotion.

Also, the journalist pointed out that he was out of the country at the time of his coming out and the daytime show wasn’t on the air that week and he wasn’t scheduled to be on CNN for several days after the coming out statement either.

Cooper and Star join a long list of celebrities who have had beef with each other. Flip through the above gallery to see other star feuds.

What are your thoughts on Anderson and Star’s feud? Sound off in the comments section below.

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