‘Basketball Wives: L.A.’ Star Laura Govan: How I Lost 85 Pounds (EXCLUSIVE VIDEO)

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Laura Govan is no stranger to drama, so it seems only fitting that she also lost weight in dramatic style.

At her heaviest, the Basketball Wives: L.A. star — fiancee of Memphis Grizzlies baller Gilbert Arenas – weighed in at 225 pounds. But she was determined to get back to a thinner version of herself.

“This is who I’ve always known,” Govan told Celebuzz in an exclusive video interview.

“I’ve only known the 225-pound pregnant Laura for five years. I was 117 pounds, I was tiny… my first daughter six years ago I gained 100 pounds.”

How did she gain that much weight?

Just like other pregnant celebrities who’ve confessed to over-doing it with their eating habits, including singer and television host Jessica Simpson, Govan was no exception.

“It definitely came from eating,” she confessed to Celebuzz. “I was averaging about two cakes a week.”

Govan — who has four children with on-again, off-again fiancée Arenas — decided to lose the pounds when she realized every inch of her body was getting bigger.

She admitted: “I was 224 pounds with my fourth baby… I [even] had weight in my ears, I was chubby in the lobes and I said ‘I can’t do this anymore.’ I started working out. I had to change my mind. You just have to really not be lazy and stay dedicated.”

Govan said she even put photos of herself around the house as a reminder – and motivation – to shed the weight.

“I took photos of me at 224 pounds, I placed them in my pantry because I’m a snacker, in my car, on my phone, in the refrigerator, on my phone, on the stove. I had to remind myself that this is where I was and this is where I want to be. I worked my a** off.”

So how did the busy mom do it?

“The difficult part was the timing, I didn’t have much time,” Govan admitted. “I had to figure out when and where I could work out — in the morning before they [my kids] got up and at night when they went down…and in between I’d work out with them at soccer practice. I was running up and down the court.”

Govan and her NBA player fiancée have been together for 12 years – but don’t expect her dramatic weight loss to spark wedding planning — or dress fittings — anytime soon.

“When the time is right,” she said, revealing that her wedding would cost millions.

“We’re not in a hurry to spend $2 million…because that’s what my price range is,” Govan said. “My ring is worth a million so I have to double it for a wedding!”

Watch the video above to hear the VH1 star detail her upcoming DVD release and children’s cookbook.