Britney Spears Releases Ad for Her Newest Fragrance, ‘Fantasy Twist’

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Britney Spears reacts to 'X Factor' auditions.
Britney Spears is adding another fragrance to her already-impressive perfume collection.

Spears’ latest scent, Fantasy Twist, combines her two best-selling perfumes – Midnight Fantasy and Fantasy – into one chic bottle, so fans can switch off between the two scents or mix them together for a unique twist.

More on Spears’ new fragrance — and its sexy new ad — after the jump.

Housed in an orb-like container that’s divided into pink and blue sides — Spears’ favorite colors — the bottle twists apart to reveal the two fragrances.

The two-in-one perfume is perfect if you’re one of those women who likes to mix and match your perfume to your mood: Midnight Fantasy offers an exotic mixture of woody musks and white patchouli, while Fantasy is a fruitier option with hints of jasmine and red lychee.

Why combine these seemingly contradictory scents? Not just another celebrity fragrance, Spears’ perfume pairing is meant to address the many — and often contradictory — sides to our personalities.

In the black-and-white ad for Fantasy Twist, shot by famed photographer Ellen von Unwerth, Spears channels the different sides of her own personality, dressing up in two different Cleopatra-esque looks that appear to be mirror images of each other.

Mimicking the two-sided bottle, on one side of the ad, the pop star sports long blonde locks and an extravagant feathered costume, while on the other side, Spears channels a more mysterious vibe, posing in a sleek black bob and dress.

The new ads are timed with the upcoming release of the perfume, which will be sold exclusively at Kohl’s, this month (from $39.50 to $59.50;

Will you pick up Spears new combo perfume — or do you prefer to stick to a single signature scent? Tell us in the comments section below.

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