Jennifer Aniston vs. Angelina Jolie Engagement Ring Face-Off: Whose Engagement Ring is Better?

Whose Ring Is the Bling King?
Jennifer Aniston Engaged!
The actress is set to wed beau Justin Theroux. Read More »

Those of you who never tire of Team Jen vs. Team Angie warfare, there's a new battleground for you: the actresses' ring fingers.

The latest salvo was fired by Jennifer Aniston's fiancé of two months, actor/screenwriter Justin Theroux, and it's one heavy bombshell -- perhaps eight or nine carats.

That's the judgment of at least one expert who's seen the first clear photos of Aniston flashing the engagement ring Theoroux gave her (above, left), photos taken Saturday during the couple's get-together in Santa Fe, N.M.

So, how does it compare to the ring that Aniston's ex-husband, Brad Pitt, gave to his longtime love Angelina Jolie (above, right) when the two of them got engaged recently?

Jolie's ring, designed by Pitt in collaboration with jeweler Robert Procop, has a tablet shaped stone that's said to weigh four carats and is flanked by other tablet-shaped diamonds that decrease in size as they make their way around the circumference of the ring toward Jolie's palm.

The ring cost $500,000, according to reports at the time of the couple's engagement in April.

That's about how much Theroux spent on Aniston's ring, according to jeweler Peter Meksian, who speculated about the sparkler to Celebuzz.

Judging by the photos, Meksian described Aniston's ring as a radiant-cut solitaire, with a gemstone of about eight or nine carats. Aniston and Theroux have yet to reveal who designed the engagement ring, the actual carat weight of the stone, who designed it, or how much it cost.

One thing seems certain, however: Aniston's current engagement ring is bigger than the one Pitt gave her before they married in 2000. That ring, which Silvia Damiani designed in consultation with Pitt, contained 20 diamonds -- one large round stone surrounded by three spiraling rows of smaller stones, in a heart-inspired shape.

It was also said to be worth $500,000 -- in 1999 dollars.

There is one thing Jolie and Aniston's current rings have in common: the rectangular, emerald- or radiant-cut doesn't have many facets, so it doesn't sparkle as much as some stones, but good jewelers tend to compensate by using higher-clarity diamonds, which seems to be the case for both future brides here.

Who has the better ring? Tell us in the comments below.

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  • malibu

    My dear Jen how long you have taken looking for that ring and shows now everyone how big is when we all know it's been purchased from your own pocket. Stop doing this circus. Love is the only feeling you can't purchase with money.

  • The Proletariat
    The Proletariat

    Makes me laugh how these celebrities can push all their charities on all of us normal folk out there trying to make ends meet. Of course they deserve a nine carat ring from a ritzy titzy jeweler. God forbid they do what we all do and buy a nice beautiful ring for a couple of thousand. Nothing says I love you(for like 1 to 5 years) more like a $500,000.00 ring. Explain that to your starving war orphans or the families that loose everything because they are too busy paying for what St. Jude's doesn't because they didn't meet their donation quota.Take a good hard look in the mirror boys and girls.

  • John Bopoteyooty
    John Bopoteyooty

    Shiny sparkly things make little girls happy. Nothing proves your love more than a big ring and a well planned wedding. Right, girls?

  • Courtney Puzzo
    Courtney Puzzo

    the bigger the ring the shorter the marriage and that cracker jack box looking ring ain't a diamond it's either crystal quartz or white topaz. compair that to Joanne Woodwards engagement ring which was 4.5 karats set in white gold and she and Paul Newman were married nearly 51 years when he passed away four years ago and er daughter Melissa's is an exac copy of it and she and her husband have been married 18 years next month

  • AlaBella

    Can we stop with the Team Jen / Team Angie thing? Obviously they've all moved on except the media


    jennifer’s ring

  • Katie

    Definitely Jen! That ring is a stunner!

  • miss.rouso

    jennifer's ring is to die for!