MTV’s ‘It Gets Better’ Special: Rapper Vecente Struggles to Come Out to His Best Friend (EXCLUSIVE VIDEO)

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MTV and Logo, along with columnist Dan Savage, co-creator of the It Gets Better Project, are joining forces one more time for another hour-long TV special that focuses on the emotional struggles and societal pressures facing lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender and queer youth today.

A lot has changed since Savage and his partner Terry Miller launched the It Gets Better Project two years ago: Eight states have legalized gay marriage, “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell” was repealed and President Obama announced his support of same-sex marriage. However, that doesn’t make coming out any easier for today’s youth.

Celebuzz has an exclusive clip from MTV’s all-new It Gets Better special. In it, you’ll meet Vecente, an aspiring rapper who decides he can no longer hide his sexual orientation from his best friend of 19 years.

Watch as he struggles to find the words to come out to his best friend Taylor, above.

The emotional TV special will focus on the stories of three young people at a crossroads in their lives. In addition to Vecente’s story, the MTV cameras also captured the stories of Hunter, a college freshman who feels like his sexuality is being belittled by his disappointed father, and Natalie, a college sophomore who has yet to come out to her parents.

In addition, video messages containing sentiments of support from Savage and Miller, along with hopeful messages from celebrities — including Glee starlet Lea Michele and Kreayshawn — will be included in the special.

It Gets Better premieres on both MTV and Logo on Tuesday at 11 PM — just two days ahead of National Coming Out Day.