Rebel Wilson Trashes Hotel Room for Hilarious Photo Shoot (EXCLUSIVE PHOTOS)

Whether she’s on or off the big screen, Rebel Wilson will go the distance to get a good laugh.

Such was the case at a recent photo shoot, in which the 26-year-old Australian star let loose by trashing a Los Angeles hotel room.

Whether she’s jumping on the bed, knocking over a lamp or enjoying an admittedly tasty-looking cocktail, Wilson elicits smiles and laughs, just as she did in this weekend’s new movie Pitch Perfect.

The photo shoot was for the Australian publication The Daily Telegraph. Read Wilson’s accompanying retelling of her rise to fame here.

Wilson is currently stealing scenes on the big screen in the musical-comedy Pitch Perfect, in which she plays up-and-coming a cappella singer Fat Amy (yes, Fat Amy).

She also earned laughs last summer in the comedy Bridesmaids and in the recent Bachelorette.

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