‘The Walking Dead’ Star Andrew Lincoln on Rick and Lori: ‘There’s Always Hope’ (VIDEO)

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Is there hope for Rick (Andrew Lincoln) and Lori (Sarah Wayne Callies) on AMC’s The Walking Dead?

Lincoln seems to think so. When Celebuzz caught up with the star on the red carpet at The Walking Dead Premiere in Universal City, Calif., he told us, “I think that it is in the worst place they’ve ever been pre-the apocalypse. And it has caused this incredible rift between the two but there is hope. There’s always hope.”

With Lori pregnant with possibly Shane’s (Jon Berthnal) baby and the death of Shane at the hands of Rick, things are to put it lightly, tense, between the pair.

What else did the star have to stay about the character’s relationship?

The actor hopes that the history on their side will help Rick and Lori get through their current situation. “They’ve been together all of their lives. They love each other at a cellular level and also they share this common history,” he said.

Yet, he realizes there are not many options left for the pair either.

“What are they going to do, file for divorce?” he continued. “It says in the script. They can’t leave each other and for the sake of the group. And also maybe the prison offers this sanctuary and hope that the baby will be safe and that we can start over again.”

Lincoln remained coy when pushed for details on other possible storylines.

When asked whether we’d see other survivors in the prison, he said, “We’ll wait and see, but certainly I think that this season is very much about the clash between civilizations. Obviously, it’s not only the zombies that we have to be wary of. It’s certainly the human threat as well.”

As for whether or not a key scene in the comic books would make it to the series all he would tell us was, “It’s safe to say I go through quite a lot of pain this season.”

Watch Lincoln’s entire interview above.

Season 3 of The Walking Dead premieres Sunday at 9 PM on AMC.

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