‘Arrow’ Producers on the Origins of Their Version of the Comic Hero (VIDEO)

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The CW’s Arrow will take aim on Wednesday as the freshman drama makes its debut on the network. Lauded by many critics as one of the best pilots of the 2012 fall season, the drama based upon the DC comic book character, Green Arrow, is something all its own.

“It’s sort of an action epic drama about a billionaire vigilante who’s equalizing the city and balancing the scales of justice in the city. I think all of the elements have worked almost independently in different kinds of shows throughout the years. This show has all of those things, “ executive producer Greg Berlanti told Celebuzz.

The action-packed show stars Stephen Amell (and his six pack abs) as the titular character who is the alter-ego of billionaire playboy Oliver Queen. Oliver has returned to Starling City after five long years away when he was shipwrecked on an island alone and presumed dead. Armed with a list of those he needs to enact revenge on, he’s hoping to bring his city back to what it once was.

How are the producers feeling about the pressure from comic book loyalists to make their show true to the story and something different?

Though there are high expectations from Green Arrow fans to do the character right, executive producer Marc Guggenheim has assured us not to worry as the producers are fans themselves.

“We start out from a place where we’re fans of the character ourselves so we first want to make sure we’re not disappointing ourselves and then we want to make sure we’re not disappointing the fans,” he said, “but there’s always that pressure whenever you take a project on. The anecdote to that pressure is just working really hard and making sure you’re producing the best product – the best show – you possibly can. “

It’s important to note that Arrow is not your typical superhero drama as none of the characters in this DC universe have super powers. Guggenheim likens it to Christopher Nolan’s take on Batman with The Dark Knight Trilogy.

“I don’t think it’s ever been done before on television this way,” he said. “It really has to do with the fact that we’re doing a television show and you first start thinking how do superhero characters work best on television? What’s the best version of this particular character?”

He continued, “This particular character, there has been a lot of iterations of Green Arrow over the years in the comic books. We were drawn to the iterations, the interpretations of it that were more realistic, the Green Arrow, the Longbow Hunters, Green Arrow: Year One. It starts with the comic books and those are the comic books we sort of gravitate towards started shaping our take based upon those. “

Guggenheim also mentioned that their version of the story has some changes as well. Mainly, giving Oliver a family, which heightens the drama even more as he may find someone to share his secret identity with.

“One of our very first choices that we made was giving him a family back to be around and to interact with. As far as whether or not he’ll confide in them, I’d watch but for sure you’ll see him wrestling with what is it like to come back after five years, have a family that loves him and wants to interact with him and still try to keep all of his secrets. That’s where a lot of the drama comes from.”

Arrow premieres Wednesday at 8 PM on The CW.

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