LeAnn Rimes is All Smiles During Halloween Shopping Spree (PHOTOS)

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LeAnn Rimes looked trouble-free as she went Halloween shopping on Tuesday.

The star, who hit up Maddy's Market in Malibu for some pumpkins and spooky goodies, has had a host of recent dramas -- including emergency dental surgery and a stint in rehab.

And there's a particularly pesky rumor floating around to boot...

Rimes and her husband Eddie Cibrian, 39, have been plagued with reports that their romance is on the rocks. Cibrian was even spotted in Los Angeles without his wedding ring earlier this week.

Rimes, however, quickly took to Twitter following her supermarket outing to let her fans know everything is just fine.

"Lunch with BFF and market for dinner with hubby," she wrote. "After the weekend I've had pure normalcy is welcomed!!!"


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  • Logan

    Nice pumpkins!

  • gross

    Just when you think that Leann can't stoop any lower. Leann Rimes is a fraud. Since Friday, Leann Rimes has been claiming that she "sick", according to her she canceled a show and was rushed to the ER on Sunday. But the photos that she posted to her twitter and her fansite of her and Eddie on a hiking trip with the boys tells a different story. They went on this trip on Sunday or Monday because Leann started posting photos from that trip on Monday. But once again Leann Rimes told her fans she was sick, so can anyone please explain why she is on a hiking trip on Sunday/Monday and most importantly why did she post the photos boasting about this hiking trip when she had told her fans that she would be resting because she was sick! Her husband is cheating and of course she is being vindictive by plastering Brandi's kids' faces all over a site she is using to promote her career and album. How can anyone continue to support Leann with all the lies she has told this week? And the way she exploits those kids, is anyone going to call her on this? Leann posts photos of those kids because she is being vindictive thinking that she punishing Brandi and all those people who call her out for exploiting those kids, but all Leann by posting all those photos of Eddie' kids to site she uses for her career is prove that her husband is a liar and doesn't have loyalty to anyone. Why would he allow Leann to post photos of his kids to a site he knows she is using for her career and album after he stated that he didn't want his kids to experience any type of public exposure and he threatened to sue his ex-wife if the boys made appearances on her show? This is the story that should be written? Why is Eddie such a hypocrite?

  • gross

    Leann Rimes canceled another concert because she is..."sick". That's odd considering that she wasn't sick when she papped herself out on Tuesday in a mini skirt and no bra or when she posted photos of Brandi's kids to her twitter account and fansite on Monday of their hiking trip to showcase her "love" for photography! Just think, if the media had held Leann responsible for the lies that she told on Friday-Tuesday about her "dental nightmare" perhaps her fans who purchased tickets for Friday wouldn't be disappointed. Leann's behavior is getting worse. How long is she going to continue to pull the sickness card and then pap herself out smiling. Does her "sickness" have something to do with the fact that her husband is working and refused to go on tour with her? Or is she trying to pimp the pregnancy angle since all her other pr stunts are backfiring?

  • gross

    Who goes to a grocery store dressed like that? Someone who knew the paps would be at the store because she called them and of course Courtney Stodden. Are Leann Rimes and Courtney Stodden sisters because they have a bad habit of wearing "Look at me" outfits to places like the grocery just so that some media outlets will post about them? Leann is doing the same attention craving behavior that she was doing before she entered rehab. So it's safe to say that Leann's stint in "rehab" was a failure. Oh wait, maybe if she actually spent more than 30 days in rehab and didn't just go to a spa where Eddie's friend who is a ER doctor wrote her prescriptions, then perhaps she wouldn't have relapsed. Because that is exactly what this is. A relapse.

  • gross

    On Friday Leann cancels a concert at the last minute claiming that she had extreme pain and a massive infection.The next day she is well, so well that she does another concert and meets Eddie and his kids at a restaurant where she drank alcohol, ate sushi, and spent the entire time talking. Does anyone see the problem with his picture? She is taking antibiotics for a massive infection, why is she drinking alcohol and why is she eating raw fish the very next day? Talking? What happened to that pain that casused her to cancel on Friday? Sunday she is rushed to the ER 3 am.But by Monday and Tuesday all of the trouble she had over the weekend with her dental problems are all gone, enough so that she can tweet about Brandi and Eddie's kids and set up this staged photo-op in a miniskirt. Let's not forget that during this entire "dental nightmare" she is tweeting and posting blogs to her website! But she is in pain!!!!!!!!Funny how Leann only has dental problems when Eddie won't attend her concerts. Leann has been pulling these fake illnesses for a very long time, always presenting when her cheating husband won't go on tour with her. Rather than call her out for this massive lie, GG, ROL, CB, and JJ write more ridiculous fluffpieces. She is losing fans because of what she pulled. But then again Eddie is chreating so what matters most to Leann is make sure that her marriage isn't exposed for the hoax that it is. So out come the "happy family" photo-ops in short skirts!

  • gross

    Of course Leann looked trouble free, afterall this is a STAGED photo-op. The name of Leann's game is to convince people that her husband isn't cheating on her because she is "sexy", hence the short mini skirt. Why is she doing all this damage control if Eddie isn't cheating. Of course Leann took to twitter, afterall that is one of the skills that she learned in "rehab" . Oh wait, Leann never went to rehab that too was a big hoax just like her marriage to Eddie. Why are we supposed to believe that Leann and Eddie's marriage isn't on the rocks simply because Leann says everything is okay. Didn't Leann also say she spent 30 days in rehab, but as we all witnessed it was just two weeks? Leann was photographed making out with Lizzy while Eddie watched, Lizzy was with Eddie and Leann when they were on their honeymoon, and Eddie always has a drink in his hand when he touches Leann, so the talk of their marriage being on the rocks didn't start with the photo of Eddie without his ring. It's been going on a long time, the media just ignores it because they are afraid of Leann's lawyer. By now everyone knows that Leann Rimes was lying about her dental drama, but it's nice to see that some media outlets are continuing to facilitate her lies. Considering how she was tweeting about her massive infection that caused her to cancel a concert on Friday and she posted about how she had to go to the ER because of the pain(which really turned out to be because she was mixing alcohol with the meds she got on Friday) does she really think that this staged photo-op in a miniskirt buying pumpkins at the market is okay? Who is advising her?