‘The Walking Dead’ Premiere: Meet the Season 3 Cast (GALLERY)

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There’s no denying that characters come and go with little warning on AMC’s The Walking Dead.

As a show that revolves around a zombie apocalypse, many actors have joined — and left — the cast during the series’ past two nail-biting seasons. With The Walking Dead returning to TV this Sunday, and the lives of some of its characters hanging in the balance, Celebuzz is breaking down all the familiar faces you’ll be seeing this season.

Who’s left standing? Who’ll be joining the cast? Launch the gallery to get your scorecard of the Season 3 characters.

Last we left off, tensions ran high amongst the Atlanta camp survivors as Rick (Andrew Lincoln) and former best friend Shane (Jon Bernthal) butted heads over who’s the rightful father of Lori’s (Sarah Wayne Callies) unborn child. As Lori’s husband, Rick felt he should be the one, while Shane argued that he and Lori developed something special when Rick fell into a coma before the zombie infestation.

In the end, Rick was forced to kill Shane for the greater good of the group, upsetting both his wife and son (Chandler Riggs).

Could the family stay intact while dodging flesh-eating walkers?

Celebuzz caught up with Lincoln himself at The Walking Dead red carpet premiere, where the actor dished about Rick and Lori’s fate in the new season.

“What are they going to do, file for divorce?” he said of the troubled couple. “It says in the script: They can’t leave each other… for the sake of the group. And also maybe the prison offers this sanctuary and hope that the baby will be safe and that we can start over again.”

“It’s safe to say I go through quite a lot of pain this season,” he added.

Watch our interview with the cast and crew below.

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