‘X Factor’ Judge L.A. Reid Bans Producers After Boot Camp Clash, Reveals Source (EXCLUSIVE)

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Judge L.A. Reid is so furious at The X Factor producers that he has banned certain individuals from working with him, a source close to the FOX show revealed to Celebuzz.

Reid — the music mogul responsible for signing and bringing Justin Bieber, Avril Lavigne and Mariah Carey to fame — is “peeved” at the category of contestants that he has been assigned to mentor.

“L.A. is so mad at some of the producers,” a source on the show revealed. “He refuses to even answer their calls; he’s been so mad for weeks and weeks now.”

At the end of Wednesday’s episode, the singing competition moves from 120 contestants at Boot Camp to the next phase of its sophomore season — Judges’ Homes — where Reid will be told he must work with the Overs, the source said.

“Last year Simon (Cowell) had the girls, L.A. had the guys, Paula had the groups and Nicole had the overs,” the insider confirmed.

“L.A. had been telling everyone that he wanted to mentor a younger category in 2012.”

At the end of last week’s episode, a teaser showed Reid apparently getting upset. He even slammed down a phone and stormed away from the cameras, in fury.

“That was when the producers called to tell him his category,” the source added.

“He did have a diva moment when he didn’t get what he wanted!”

FOX has yet to reveal who gets assigned various categories, however Reid was photographed with Bieber on the roof of a building in Los Angeles during August. At the time, it was suggested the pair was with some of The X Factor over 25s group.

“Producers have had to tell L.A. that he has loads of talent in his team but he initially refused to admit it,” the source added.

“Even Justin Bieber had to remind him about the talent in his group.”

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