‘X Factor’ Preview: Justin Bieber, Nick Jonas, Marc Anthony and Will.I.Am Drop in for Judges’ Homes Round (VIDEO)

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Thousands arrived for open auditions. That turned to just 120 contenders at Boot Camp. And only 24 hopefuls will move on to the Judges’ Homes round this week on FOX’s The X Factor.

“I like this part of the show, because this is when you get to separate from the other three judges,” judge and executive producer Simon Cowell says of the Judges’ Homes round. “You are one-on-one. You are in much more control of the situation. You are choosing the material. You are in very close proximity to the artists. You get to know more about them and it’s kind of intimate.”

“It’s also the section of the show where I can really start to feel who has got that winner’s potential star quality,” he adds. “So, I like doing this part.”

But, the judges don’t have to go it alone. What do the judges and guest mentors have to say about joining up?

The round brings some superstar arrivals. Justin Bieber joins L.A. Reid, Nick Jonas reunites with Demi Lovato, Will.I.Am helps Britney Spears out and Marc Anthony will give Simon Cowell a helping hand.

“I like Marc and he is a good friend of mine,” Cowell shares of the Latin singer. “And he has, my God, he’s got opinions, Marc, and he is not afraid to share them and he is funny and I trust him and he is both an artist and an executive and I like that combination and I’m very, very comfortable with Marc and I trust him.”

Trust is apparently one of the major reasons Lovato brought on Jonas for her guest mentor, someone she’s known for about six years from touring, the Disney Channel and while dating his brother and bandmate, Joe Jonas.

“The reason why I picked Nick is because we kind of grew up together,” Lovato says. “We’ve known each other since we were 14 and now we’re 20 years old and we’ve continued to have successful careers and he’s been all over the world, sold so many records, hit songs. I mean, he knows what he’s talking about. He’s a really smart, intelligent guy and, plus, we just know each other so well and we have so much fun together.”

And as for Spears, Will.I.Am says the opportunity to mentor with her came up organically. “We were working in the studio on a song for my record,” he remembers.

“We were just chitchatting about what we had going on this year and next year, and she mentioned the Judge’s House,” he continued. “She asked if I would want to get down and mentor the kids with her. I was like, ‘Hell yeah. What, you crazy?’ ”

Watch a preview of the guest mentors during the Judges’ Homes rounds above.

The X Factor airs Wednesdays and Thursdays at 8 PM on FOX.

Which coach-mentor duo are you most looking forward to seeing? Tell us in the comments section below.

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