Ben Affleck Buys $2500 Bathroom Rug: 14 Outrageous Celebrity Purchases (GALLERY)

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Forget Ikea, Ben Affleck goes all out when it comes to decorating his bathroom.

The multi-millionaire A-lister and star of Argo splashed out $2500 on a rug while filming in Turkey, only for it to end up on his bathroom floor, according to reports.

Affleck, 40 – who is married to actress Jennifer Garner, 40 – was talked into the purchase by a pushy salesman, but when he got it home there was only one place for it.

What did his wife say about his expensive buy?

“The guy’s saying, ‘The blood of 10,000 kings is on this carpet….Your wife will love you,'” Ben told the Daily Express newspaper in the UK.

“I buy the rug and I got home and I’m like, ‘Honey, I got this awesome Istanbul rug; it’s Persian and Turkish and it’s got the blood of 10,000 dead kings,’ and she said, ‘That’s great, but we already ordered the rug that we need for the living room’.

“So now I have a $2,500 Terry cloth mat when you get out of the tub.”

While Affleck realizes his purchase may have been a little extravagant, he isn’t the only celebrity to spend his cash on something crazy.

Take a look at the Celebuzz gallery above to see what other stars blow their cash on.

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