Kanye West Raps About Marriage in New Song ‘White Dress’ (AUDIO)

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On a newly-teased track called “White Dress” — off the soundtrack for The RZA’s forthcoming martial arts film, The Man With the Iron Fists — the hip hop mogul raps about seeing his “baby” at the altar. RZA, himself a rap icon and Grammy-winning music producer, revealed the song’s hook: “I seen you in the club in a tight dress/ But I picture you in church with a white dress.”

“Some of these girls, we wanna… maybe make a wife out of them. But they gotta get it together,” RZA explained of the tune to MTV News on the BET Hip-Hop Awards red carpet. “Kanye’s a dope lyricist, but what he did on this particular song… he’s killin’ it.”

Could it be that West is already envisioning Kardashian in white?

Well, not necessarily. Though he has been romancing the reality star since April, Yeezy seems to be reminiscing about a past love in his new tune, a up-and-comer who changed after she got a taste of the spotlight.

In a one-minute preview of the song (below), Kanye raps: “Remember I used to do things that would make you laugh/ Like ordering a girl drink in a masculine glass/ You like piña coladas, gettin’ caught in the rain/ Or rocking flannels all summer like Kurt Cobain/ Or that Dolce & Gabbana with a few gold chains”

“You the type of girl that probably deserve a new last name, but they never let us do our thing/ Everybody lying on who I bang/ We was on fire, but they blew our flame/ Ain’t no denying baby, you have changed/ Now your high-heels clickin’, your lip gloss glisten, your hips start switchin'”

Man With the Iron Fists hits theaters on Nov. 6, but the soundtrack — which also features The Black Keys, Talib Kweli, Ghostface Killah, The Wu-Tang Clan and Method Man — drops Oct. 23.

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