Kate Upton Wants To Be a Bond Girl: Her Best 007 Moments Revealed (GALLERY)

Kate Upton's Best Bond Girl Moments

Kate Upton fans will be in double-o heaven if the swimsuit model gets her wish: she wants to be the next Bond girl.

Why is she so interested in hitting the big screen?

"It's a very prestigious title, and it would be a very cool role," the 20-year-old told the New York Post at the premiere of Everything or Nothing: The Untold Story of 007. "I would need to go through some intense training to learn all the Bond girl moves."

The model has become a swimsuit sensation thanks Sports Illustrated, but it isn't just her ample curves that make her suitable to star in the famous films.

Many of her looks are already 007-inspired -- and Celebuzz has a compiled gallery of photos that prove she's ready to become a Bond girl. Click here to see them!


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  • John Renn
    John Renn

    A 'Role in the Hay' is 'Worth Two in the Bush'., as the Time Tested Adage Says.., and Kate "Steels the Scene" like no one can! I like her Blythe-Spirited Antics.., she adds levity and fun to her photoshots !

  • Jennifer

    The woman on the right needs to eat something..

  • Julie

    Hell no, you might be hot, but you need at least 1 gram of talent to play in a James Bond movie.