Lindsay Lohan Saved Mother Dina’s Home From Foreclosure (VIDEO)

Lindsay's Past
A timeline of Lindsay Lohan's troubled past.
Lindsay & Dina Fight
Lindsay accuses her mom of being on cocaine.
Lindsay Lohan’s now-infamous tear-filled feud with her mother Dina revolved around — what else? — cold hard cash.

“I was like, give me my money back, give me my 40 grand back, that I just gave you…you won’t do it,” Lindsay wails during a recorded phone conversation with her father Michael. “You just don’t pay.”

Why did the troubled star fork over $40,000? “Because she needs to keep her house,” Lindsay explained.

And she wasn’t lying. Court documents from 2010 show that JPMorgan Chase & Co. filed to foreclose on Dina’s New York home because Lindsay’s mother had fallen behind on mortgage payments, reports TMZ.

How is Dina still living in her North Merrick, Long Island, digs?

According to TMZ, Dina arranged a new payment schedule with the bank, allowing her to hold on to her home sweet home.

But Dina didn’t didn’t make those payments solo. Lindsay — who is bouncing back with multiple on-screen projects this year after a long string of legal troubles — reportedly lent a hand — and a chunk of her bank account — to save her childhood home from foreclosure.

And it didn’t end there. More recently, Dina again became delinquent in her payments, which is when Lindsay lent her $40,000. That loan is what ignited the mother-daughter dispute early Wednesday morning as the pair returned to Long Island following a night at the Electric Room inside the Dream Downtown in New York City.

“I asked her to give it back and she’s like, you’re sick, you don’t give me anything,” Lindsay claims in the reportedly leaked conversation. “You don’t do anything.”

During the heated car ride home, the fray escalated, with Lindsay even accusing her mother of drug use. “Dad, she’s on cocaine,” she says. “She’s like touching her neck, and s**t … She’s saying disgusting things to me … I’m dead to her now.”

For all the details of the fracas, watch The Daily Buzz video, above.

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