Shailene Woodley Mulls ‘Amazing Spider-Man 2’ Role: Who is ‘The Secret Life of the American Teenager’ Star?

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Shailene Woodley, who co-starred with George Clooney in Alexander Payne’s The Descendants, received an offer to play Mary Jane Watson in The Amazing Spider-Man 2, director Marc Webb’s follow-up to his 2012 blockbuster The Amazing Spider-Man.

Despite relaunching the franchise with Gwen Stacy – played by Emma Stone – as Peter Parker’s (Andrew Garfield) love interest, Webb and distributor Sony Pictures are evidently interested in creating a love triangle for the superhero.

Variety reported this week that Woodley was fielding an offer for the role.

Where else have audiences seen Shailene?

Although Woodley drew raves for her turn as a troubled teenager in The Descendants, she’s been refining that character as Amy Juergens on The Secret Life of the American Teenager, which she started working on in 2008.

Meanwhile, if Woodley takes the role she’ll have the legacy of Kirsten Dunst’s turn as the character to live up to: Dunst played the character in all three of Sam Raimi’s Spider-Manmovies.

That said, people were decidedly unconcerned about Stone stepping into Stacy’s shoes after Bryce Dallas Howard briefly played her in Spider-Man 3. In which case, Woodley’s challenge will be transforming herself into a catwalk-ready party girl, instead of the more sensitive and thoughtful characters she’s played in the past.

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