The Daily Buzz: Anne Heche Talks New Film ‘That’s What She Said’ (VIDEO)

| October 11, 2012 - 10:15 am

Anne Heche joined Hyla on The Daily Buzz this week to talk about her new comedy That’s What She Said, about three modern-day women dealing with life, love and friendship in New York City.

“It is a group of dysfunctional friends,” Heche, 43, told Celebuzz via Skype. “I don’t know if they start as friends in the beginning. We come into their lives at a really, really low point — for all of them. Dee Dee, my character, I think is just about at her worst moment. I found that really, of course, engaging and fun.”

That’s What She Said opens at a time when raunchy, yet strong, female comedies are finally making a stride in Hollywood, due in great part to last year’s big summer hit Bridesmaids.

“I think what’s amazing about it is, now these female comedies are becoming a commodity, the same as the male comedies that used to push the limits and boundaries for men,’ Heche said.

“For me … I really like for a comedy to be born of truth. I really like them to be situational,” she continued.

Still, Heche insists That’s What She Said isn’t a play on Kristen Wiig’s Oscar-nominated comedy.

“This movie is really about three really lost people finding kind of a redemption through friendship,” she said.

That’s What She Said opens in limited release on October 19.

For more on Celebuzz’s interview with Heche, watch the video, above.