Flashback Friday: Ben Affleck in ‘Good Will Hunting’ (VIDEO)

Few actors can say that they’ve starred in, written and directed award-winning films. Ben Affleck is one of those few.

Though he started off his career as a lovable stoner kid acting in cult films like Dazed and Confused, Affleck has since climbed the Hollywood ranks to become an esteemed director.

Argo, the much-anticipated Iranian hostage thriller, in theaters Friday, stars Affleck as a CIA specialist who devises a plan to save six American victims. This will be Affleck’s third shot at directing, following the wildly popular 2010 bank robber drama, The Town.

Even before he was a big-shot director, a young Affleck tried his hand in screenwriting.

What was the result of this endeavor?

A 1997 Oscar Award-Winning Screenplay for Good Will Hunting, and a darned good classic.

Affleck stars opposite his good friend and cowriter, Matt Damon, in the motion picture that made them stars.

Will Hunting (Damon) is a school janitor, a pessimist and a born genius. When his miscreant behavior leaves him facing jail time, he accepts an offer from an MIT professor to “do his time” studying math and seeking therapy. Will chooses math over jail, but never expects to make anything of himself.

It’s not until Will’s best friend Chuckie (Affleck), a product of a poor Boston neighborhood, refuses to allow his brilliant bud to waste his ticket out, that he begins to reconsider.

In this Flashback Friday clip, Chuckie goes on a job interview that, uh, doesn’t exactly go over too well.

Watch the video above (warning: video contains NSFW language) for a peak at the critically acclaimed film that created two of America’s hunkiest supertalents.

Written by Alexa Kravitz

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