‘Girl Vs. Monster’ Star Jennifer Aspen Says Her Character ‘Might Be the Coolest Mom Ever’

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Disney Channel continues “Monstober” – a month of Halloween-centric episodes – with Friday’s premiere of Girl Vs. Monster.

The movie features the adventures of Skylar (Disney XD’s Kickin’ It star Olivia Holt) who learns that her parents are monster hunters. And one of those parents is played by one of the stars of ABC’s short lived series, GCB, Jennifer Aspen.

“I might be the coolest mom ever on film,” Aspen tells Celebuzz of her character. “I’m a scientist by day where I study mushrooms and fungi. But at night, I’m actually a monster hunter. I mean that is freakin’ cool and I shoot lasers.”

What else did Aspen tell us about the movie and being a badass mom?

Aspen faced her biggest fears to play the character – not to mention she did so with an injured shoulder.

“I was scared,” she told us. “Two of my biggest fears: Being tied up and heights. And I had to do both in this movie. And I had to push through that.”

“I was so scared I was going to panic when they first pulled me up in the harness,” she continues. “It was so high – the sound that came out of my mouth, I don’t even know what. I was mic’d and the soundstage was like, ‘Is she going to freak out? Are we going to be able to film this?’ And I pushed through.”

Even though she’s no stranger to being part of an ensemble cast, Aspen says that things did feel very different among her pre-teen and young adult co-stars.

“It was kind of a shock,” she says. “It was like, ‘Oh my God, this is a kids’ movie.’ It was a totally different dynamic. I’m in a position in which they look up to you. And you have to set an example on-set. But, it puts you in this great situation in which you can set an example for young actors.”

She was drawn to the script, because she liked how it empowered the victim in bullying situations to face their fears. “It really moved me,” she says, especially after she and her husband adopted their daughter four months ago.

“The point is if you actually face whatever is bullying you and you can confront it, it will shrink,” she explains. “And that’s the truth. Bullies are actually scared themselves of being overcome.”

Lessons aside, the 39-year-old actress says Girl Vs. Monster is “a terrific Halloween movie: Action and fun and scares,” she says. “There’s music in it and singing and great songs and all that stuff is in it. It’s actually a great piece of entertainment with this marvelous message in it.”

Girl Vs. Monster premieres Friday at 8 PM on Disney Channel.

Watch a preview below.

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