Jack Osbourne Explains How He Helped Rescue a Drowning Woman

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Just days after saying “I do” in Hawaii, Jack Osbourne came to the rescue of a drowning woman — and now the rock star son is setting the record straight about the heroic event.

“I was approached by a family member telling me he had just seen a woman being pulled out of the water who’d drowned. I grabbed my friend Tyler who was a former Army operator and went to see if we could be of assistance,” he wrote on his Facebook page about the Oct. 10 incident in Hawaii, adding that as a former police reserve he has helped in lifesaving situations.

When he came on the scene, Osbourne said the woman was unconscious and five people were helping to revive her.

What happened to the woman Osbourne helped to rescue?

“A neurosurgeon from Japan had taken charge in trying to manage the chaos though she did not speak much English,” he added. “The woman had a J-tube in her airway, and the defibrillator had already been used. Two women were assisting in chest compressions, and another was operating the Ambu bag.

“The golf cart with the spine board then pulled up… Tyler and myself assisted in clearing out the beach chairs. Once the woman was placed on the spine board, Tyler and I assisted in lifting her onto the cart… and Tyler and I began administering chest compressions,” he wrote.

After what Osbourne called “oddly hostile and rather rude” posts on his Facebook page, he wanted to tell the public exactly what happened.

“I never said I was the sole contributor in the rescue,” he wrote. “In fact, I haven’t said anything at all. The last thing I want to do is take all of the credit when in fact there were a few people who helped save her life.”

More importantly, the woman is alive and doing well, Osbourne said.

“She’s doing better and is now awake. I hope she has a speedy recovery,” he said.

Osbourne and his wife Lisa Stelly were in the Kona district of Hawaii last weekend for their nuptials, reported exclusively by Celebuzz.

Stelly originally tweeted that her husband saved the woman’s life: “Really proud of Jack and his friend Tyler who saved a woman on the beach yesterday who’d had a heart attack and drown. Until the ambulance came. We just found out she’s in a stable condition! Awesome!”

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