Joe Biden Vs. Paul Ryan: Hollywood Reacts to Vice Presidential Debate (VIDEO)

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These stars put their money where their mouth is.
Joe Biden and Paul Ryan came out swinging at the vice presidential debate — and celebrities couldn’t get enough of it.

Following a fairly tame first presidential debate last week, the VP candidates faced off in a fiery 90-minute televised showdown — moderated by ABC News’ Martha Raddatz — in Danville, KY. As the two men threw political punches — advocating for their ticket’s policy points on everything from taxes and healthcare to the economy and the hot-button issue of abortion — Tinseltown followed the sparring on Twitter, chiming in with commendations, criticism and, of course, comedic commentary.

So what were the stars saying about the vice presidential war of words?

Vice President Biden garnered praise — and some skepticism — for his forceful debate style. The left-leaning Hollywood crowd — like Joy Behar, Eva Longoria, Samuel L. Jackson — tweeted accolades for President Barack Obama’s right-hand man. And while Romney’s running mate was bashed and mocked by many, some celebrities called the debate a draw in the end.

And of course, like many past political events, the VP debate spawned witty web memes, parody Twitter accounts — like @LyinRyan2012 — and clever musical mash-ups.

See what the stars were sending into the Twittersverse about Biden vs. Ryan:

Gayle King: Hey is @MarthaRaddatz running for anything?!! She was terrific running debate. So Tired but debate worth staying up late on a school nite

Bette Midler: Joe, you’re killin’ me!!!!! @saturdaynightlive is going to have a field day!

Joy Behar: Biden is better than Viagra for senior citizens #vpdebate

Eric Stonestreet: Joe’s laughing and smirking is probably going over as well with republicans as Paul’s hairline is with democrats. #debates

Keri Hilson: Get em, BIDEN!!!!!!

Solange Knowles: “Facts matter” Joe Biden #TRUE

Rob Delaney: Ryan can look at things through the eyes of the Ayatollahs quite well!

Bethenny Frankel: I can’t watch this debate without thinking about these two candidates being mocked on SNL this Saturday.

Russell Simmons: Paul Ryan has declared a WAR against women.

Caroline Manzo: I feel like I’m watching a real housewife reunion as I watch the debate.

Lisa Ling: Good and feisty debate. Both represented their sides well.

Michael Ian Black: You could plant carrots in the deep crevices on Paul Ryan’s forehead.

Rainn Wilson: Biden and Ryan just need to snuggle together with matching robes & play Fairway Solitaire & giggle like school girls.

Questo of The Roots: Sting! (Ill give Ryan that sting lol)

Eva Longoria: Finally the truth comes out and Ryan is called on his BS!! Go Joe Biden! #ObamaBiden2012

Chris Rock: Joe Biden is hitting in one answer all the things Pres Obama left out in the entire first 90 minute debate. #vpdebates #bealeader

Sarah Hyland: Paul Ryan’s pin is bigger than Biden’s.#debates #fact.

Jay Manuel: Okaaaay! Biden is cleaning up!!

Aziz Ansari: Has anyone brought up what the candidates would do re: Abu Nazir?

Kirstie Alley: liking this debate!!!….. ruff!!!!!

Julia Louis-Dreyfus: Go Biden, go!!

Andy Cohen: This poor kid debating Biden!!! His flag pin is shiny though!

Sandra Bernhard: women are you rallied yet? do you need anything more than #paulryan and his religious dogma and control of our #reproductiverights

Mia Farrow: Biden kicked ass Ryan twerp I love you Martha Raddatz

Omar Epps: Ryan got owned by Biden tonight..

Alyssa Milano: @MarthaRaddatz You’re wonderful.

Mark Ruffalo: #Biden and Ryan seperation between church and state is the very basis in the founding of our country and enshrined in our constition

Meghan McCain: This debate is blood sport. Crossfire style. Don’t know how this will change swing voters minds….enjoying Martha though.

Bryan Greenberg: Next debate can Biden sit in for Obama?

Samuel L. Jackson: Can you really see Ryan kicking it w/ a Native American? Anywhere?!!

Molly Ringwald: Thank you Biden. I’m feeling better now.

Eva Longoria: Every channel declaring a Biden victory! Biden def delivered the facts tonight and held Ryan accountable for the lies! #TeamJoe

Arsenio Hall: I think Ryan just quickly sipped some Ciroc.

Mia Farrow: Biden kicked ass Ryan twerp I love you Martha Raddatz’. Word.

Donald Trump: Credibility is important to me- hence must admit that both candidates did really well last night.

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