‘The Situation’ Named PETA Spokesperson: See the ‘Jersey Shore’ Star Cuddle with Kittens (PHOTO & VIDEO)

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If you’re having trouble deciding who’s cuter — Mike “The Situation” Sorrentino or the kitten he’s holding — you’re not alone.

The Jersey Shore star has just been named PETA’s newest spokesperson, in a campaign against animal overpopulation.

The 30-year-old recently shot one-sheet ads (one definitely NSFW) for the cause, and of course, posed in his shirtless best.

“I’m partnering with PETA because I wanted to use my platform to raise awareness for the overcrowding in our shelters today,” Sorrentino said in a behind-the-scenes video.

“I actually visited a shelter recently . . . and it definitely was overcrowded and I learned that there’s been a problem and it’s a growing problem.”

What else did Sorrentino have to say about the overpopulation situation?

The new ad campaign is a far cry from Sorrentino’s usual antics on Jersey Shore. (For one thing, unlike many PETA celebrity spokespersons, he’s not a vegetarian, as any Jersey Shore fan knows who’s watched him frying up cutlets for the housemates’ Sunday dinner.) In fact, the behind-the-scenes video shows a very soft side of the gym/tan/laundry enthusiast.

“When I hear something on the news about being abused, it’s a very, very sad thing, because animals don’t have a voice,” he said.

“If you have witnessed animal abuse I would suggest to call your authorities.”

Sorrentino joins an already long list of celebrities who have stepped up for the organization. Recent spokespersons have included Justin Bieber, Penelope Cruz, Lea Michele and Morrissey.

What do you think of The Situation becoming the newest PETA spokesperson? Check out the ad above, watch the behind-the-scenes video and share your thoughts below. 

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