Ben Affleck Jokes About ‘Bad Hair, Glasses and Staches’ With Jimmy Kimmel (PHOTOS)

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Who better to host a Q & A session than Hollywood funnyman Jimmy Kimmel?

Celebuzz had the pleasure of attending the informative session for Ben Affleck’s new film Argo on Thursday, following a special charity screening of the buzz-worthy feature.

Kimmel definitely enhanced the experience with his sense of humor, getting the crowd — who had just spent two hours watching Argo — riled up by opening with: “Did you guys like my movie? How many of you really have to go the bathroom right now?”

Affleck’s film is based on a true story about the Iranian revolution and what happened once it reached its boiling point — including a CIA “exfiltration” specialist devising a strategic, yet risky plan to free several Americans who were staying at the home of the Canadian ambassador.

So, naturally, Kimmel asked if this film was a way to pay homage to Canada and kiss Canada’s derriere.

Affleck laughed and responded, “Yes, definitely always looking to kiss Canadian ass.”

Kimmel gushed that most of the cast look exactly like the characters they portrayed in the film — except for Affleck, who grew out a full beard and mustache for the flick.

“Ben looked nothing like Tony Mendez (Ben’s Argo character),” Kimmel vented.

“I know, but I wasn’t in the place to fire myself,” Affleck joked. “It speaks to what bad hair and a stache can do!”

Matt Damon is known to be Affleck’s right hand man, but he could have some competition. Affleck and Kimmel definitely had great chemistry.

Watch the video below to learn more about Ben Affleck’s thoughts on Matt Damon, Jennifer Garner, and his directorial skills.

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