‘Real Housewives of New Jersey' Star Melissa Gorga Unveils New Music Video ‘I Just Wanna’ (VIDEO)

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The final installment of Bravo's The Real Housewives of New Jersey reunion may be on Sunday, but fans of the show have been going gaga over Melissa Gorga’s recently released music video.

In “I Just Wanna,” the reality TV star flaunts her best dance moves with her entourage in a nightclub, all while donning a white top and short shorts. When singing alone, Gorga can be seen wearing a sparkly top that reveals her fit (and flat) stomach.

While Gorga has released three previous singles, this is actually her first music video.

“I Just Wanna” is the fourth single from the stylish mother of three, but it’s the only single to receive a video treatment.

Gorga’s previous releases have included “How Many Times,” “On Display” and “Rockstar.”

“Check out my first video ever for #IJustWanna!” Gorga wrote on Twitter on Friday, along with a link to the video.

The track also features New Jersey-based singer and model, Santino Noir.

What do you think of Melissa Gorga’s music video? Share your thoughts below!

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  • Blah

    Tre get some counseling, everyone seems tombe against you and no one is invincible. Joe Guidice appreciate whom you are married to & respect yourself by not calling Tre Names. Your children are listening. Caroline Give forgiveness and drink some calming chamomile tea. Jacqueline are you on medication? You Do not seem sweet like before, you are treating Tre like you did Ashley, cold and vicious. Kathy what are you doing on the show? You have way to big of a kind heart to be putting yourself and your family in the middle of all this drama. Get out before you change like the rest of them! Melissa you got tired of being picked on and now you managed to turn everything upside down, just why did you say was the reason that you wanted to be on the show? I think I already know. That is why we love watching. When Joe realizes the motive for you, will he still be supporting your singing? That is blind love there, please don't sing on the show! you live it W watch it and in a year no one will care about you all. Was it worth the immediate mash and the long term effects on all of your children and family relationships or lack of? Tre is my favorite- I hope that you find true friends and make new family connections that are faithful.

  • Looked pretty but . .
    Looked pretty but . .

    Good luck Melissa, don't loose sight of what is important in the long run. You appear to have so many negative things in your life that you are focusing on your music a lot possibly as an outlet and way to get more fan approval. You sing better than I ever have, but you are a better mom, and wife, in 10 years from now all that will matter is how good of a job you did raising your children and how steadfast and faithful that you are to Joe, Keep it real,

  • bubblegum

    The opening piano is a bad copy of Marky Mark from the early 90s. The opening vocals sound like a bad copy of of the Spice Girls, and the rest of the video is a bad copy of J-Lo. Melissa can't dance. She just moves her hair. Better get her a pole so she feels more at home. Overall, I give this effort a C for COPYCAT.

  • Victoria McGuire
    Victoria McGuire