Ryan Gosling Causes Fan Frenzy at Grocery Store, Hangs Out With Emma Stone at Austin City Limits (PHOTOS)

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It’s no surprise that Ryan Gosling causes girls to go wild when they see him on screen.

Only this time a group of gals went girl crazy during the actor’s recent grocery run.

Kagney Kordzik, 20, and her girlfriends were visiting Austin -- where Gosling has called home since filming the untitled Terrance Malick project -- on Thursday and while taking a break on the rooftop of the local Whole Foods, someone in the group spotted The Notebook actor.

“My boss waited in line to buy something and casually told us that she stood next to Ryan Gosling at the checkout!” Kordzik told Celebuzz.

“So naturally 10 girls bolted downstairs and wanted to see where he went. They searched the store and realized he left. So they followed him to his car,” she said with a laugh.

But Gosling soon realized someone was on his tail.

“He started walking briskly like he knew someone was following him and got in his car.”

The girls were too late.

“He saw them and waved as he pulled away. They just wanted to get a glimpse, but were excited he waved back.”In other Gosling sightings, the 31-year-old was spotted backstage hanging out at Austin City Limits -- only this time, he caused a Twitter frenzy.

One Gosling fan even saw the actor mingling with Crazy Stupid Love co-star Emma Stone.

“Just saw Emma stone and Ryan gosling at ACL #What #ACL,” the fan wrote.

Two Gosling sightings in one week? Not bad . . . not bad at all.

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  • Ramesh

    So is Rich really like how he was on the show? If so, that sucks as he is prttey funny, inteligent, and articulate. The set up date was a buzz kill for me when he was checking out the waitress; that was rude any self respecting woman would have left. I hope he gets his act together and loses the ego.

  • Amy

    Shame on those girls. I understand wanting to see Ryan but to run after him is a little insane. Give the poor guy a break.

  • WP

    Emma and Ryan look great together. Wonder if they are hooking up??

  • Ren

    Florence Welch is who that is. He was at Austin City Limits filming a movie with Michael Fassbender and Rooney Mara. Today he's back there filming with Fassbender and Natalie Portman. Not sure if Rooney is on set.

  • Kevin

    Emma was in LA this weekend not Austin. There are pictures of her and Andrew Garfield...

  • mfmf

    Aww! Too Bad, I was hoping that maybe a "secret" meeting between him and Emma might mean the end of him and Eva. One can only hope...

  • Jess

    That's Florence Welch not Emma Stone