Stacy Keibler Turns 33: See Her Sexiest Bikini Looks (PHOTOS)

George Clooney is a lucky man.

The Descendants star's girlfriend, Stacy Keibler, is turning 33 on Sunday -- though many will argue that she has not aged since her days as a professional wrestler.

After leaving the World Wrestling Entertainment organization, the blonde bombshell moved onto acting, where she blossomed with roles on shows such as How I Met Your Mother and Chuck. Since then, Keibler has sexed up our TV sets with her sultry curves and legs for days -- and not to mention heating up the Academy Awards while walking the red carpet with her Oscar-winning beau.

How does Keibler keep her killer figure?

“She loves eating organic and eating raw, and sometimes she’ll be a vegetarian during meals or over periods of time,” the actress' trainer Juliet Kaska told Celebuzz. “But she also loves food and enjoys it. She has that balance of being able to go out for a great dinner while still taking care of her body and treating herself healthy.”

“I’m very lucky, because most of my clients are very healthy in what they eat and aren’t neurotic about their diets. Stacy is at the top of that list,” Kaska continued.

In fact, Keibler's fit frame even made it onto Celebuzz's 101 Hot Bodies, ranking 15 on the list.

Celebrate this bikini babe's birthday and launch the gallery to see her sexiest looks -- above.

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