‘American Horror Story’s’ Joseph Fiennes Talks Howard and Sister Jude’s Tension, Why He Giggled at Script (VIDEO)

Joseph Fiennes knows all about Ryan Murphy’s dark side.

Having previously worked together on 2008’s TV movie Pretty/Handsome and 2006’s feature film Running With Scissors, the British actor already had an idea of what to expect on FX’s American Horror Story: Asylum – which just so happens to take place at a mental institution.

“In the wonderful dark world of Murphy and [Brad] Falchuk, it will go to a pretty scary, creepy place,” Fiennes, who stars as Monsignor Timothy Howard, told Celebuzz at American Horror Story: Asylum’s Hollywood premiere in Hollywood on Saturday.

“I’ve already hit a place where I had no idea that I’d meet certain people and get to do certain things,” he continued.

When it comes to the unsettling subject matter, actor revealed when he initially read the first two scripts… he giggled?

“It shocked me in a way that I had that inner giggle,” he said. “Like, ‘This is great!’ and not, ‘[Gasp] This is horrid!'”

Meanwhile, will things get hot and heavy between Howard and Jessica Lange’s Sister Jude? 

“There’s a bit of manipulation,” he dished. “They both have points of views over how to run [the institute], so there’s a on-going process between Howard and Jude.”

However, there’s more than meets the eye when it comes to the head of the Briarcliff Manor Sanatarium. Despite his title, he is neither innocent nor pure. Instead, he’s a wicked man who just so happens to be the object of Jude’s sexual fantasies.

“I draw the line at murdering people,” he joked.

Despite his initial “inner giggle,” Fiennes does admit Briarcliff — and the real institutions that inspired it — are a horrifying part of our history.

“What I find really creepy is that this wasn’t too far ago in the ’60s. Certainly, coming from Britain, there are institutes of this kind back in the ’50s and ’60s that treated mental illness very differently than the way we do today… It’s very real.”

Meanwhile, fans can also expect to encounter aliens, Nazis and a serial killer named Bloody Face — who just so happens to wear the skin of victims on his face — in the asylum.

Somehow, we don’t think we’ll be giggling as much as Fiennes while watching the premiere, which airs Wednesday at 10 PM on FX.

Watch all of our interviews from the American Horror Story: Asylum premiere below.

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