Courtney Stodden Quashes Plastic Surgery Rumors; Doctor Performs Examination to Prove Teen Bride Didn't Get Work Done (EXCLUSIVE VIDEO AND PHOTOS)

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Courtney Stodden insists she didn't get plastic surgery -- and she's gone to great lengths to prove it.

The 18-year-old bride and her husband, 52-year-old actor Doug Hutchinson, paid a visit to see Beverly Hills plastic surgeon Dr. Marc Mani, MD, to put the rumors to rest once and for all. The pair allowed Celebuzz cameras to film the examination.

"People are saying everything from I've had a nose job, my lips done, cheek implants -- everything," Stodden told Dr. Mani.

So, did she work done? The short answer: No way, according to Dr. Mani.

In the video, above, Dr. Mani goes through every part of Stodden's body to show viewers that Stodden really is au natural, after all.

Has she had lip implants?

"Your lips look very natural and normal... nothing has been done to them," Dr. Mani said.

Cheek implants? Not so, according to the doctor.

"I am going to feel your cheeks and see if I can feel (anything)," Dr. Mani told Stodden.

"Your cheeks feel soft and normal. The other way I can tell when people have had cheek implants is their smile; their smile is kind of weird."

“Give me a big smile,” he asked Stodden, before concluding: "I can tell you haven’t just by the way of your smile. There is muscle here which elevates the cheek and it is moving normally."

The final verdict?

"I have looked at all the areas which would tell if you have had plastic surgery. It is clear to me, as a Beverly Hills plastic surgeon, that Courtney has not had any plastic surgery," Dr. Mani determined.

The rumors first started in September when Stodden stepped out in Los Angeles looking dramatically different. See those photos, below.

Stodden, of course, shot to fame in the summer of 2011 when she got hitched to Hutchinson at the age of 16.

From there, the world was subjected to a number of bizarre interviews, videos and photo shoots.

Do you believe Stodden and Dr. Mani? Sound off in the comments.



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  • Emmy

    Only reason her breast look larger is because she has a bra with alot of padding you can tell when you look at pictures o her in a bikini look and see where the breast sit. she is about a c cup maybe a d at best. I am 18 with natural dd's 130 pounds 5'8. But her breast really aren't that big. surprises me no body has noticed some of the cutlets.

  • Tammy

    Courtney and Doug are the new Heidi and Spencer.....they will do whatever it takes to keep themselves in the public eye. Pathetic!

  • Siwy

    Your comments are seriously awkward. Obsession? You sound like a flaming gay. Who cares what you think about Courtney or anyone else?

  • kim

    She looks sticky - and who cares if she hasn't had surgery - she is just a girl in trashy clothing. There are literally hundreds of thousands of beautiful women with great figures out there who don't feel the need to parade themselves around in stripper costumes and plastic platform heels. Grow up, take a shower and get a job. AND her "husband" needs more age appropriate clothing.

  • Anita Simmons Kearney
    Anita Simmons Kearney

    And as far as her physical changes well she wasn't through growing into her majority. How many of you look the same at 18 as you did at 15....

  • Anita Simmons Kearney
    Anita Simmons Kearney

    I really do not get what the big deal is here. An 18 year old unmarried female was considered and old maid not so very long ago. The reason we have so many unwed mothers is that we try to keep women little girls far too long. I have a daughter and 4 granddaughters so this is not being said without great thought. young men and even younger men forged this country. If we allowed them to grow up we would I think do better as a society..#justmyopinon

  • Courtney Puzzo
    Courtney Puzzo

    dingdongs a womans boobs don't stop growing when she does and by the way these two idiots got married in the Spring of 2011 not the summer they got married May 30th summer stars between June 19th and 22nd

  • monica

    Funy th most obvious work she has had done are her breasts and tat was anarea he ddn't "nspect" PUH-LEASE!!!!!!!!!!! Just saying in his closng he not onlyblinks but also shrugs his shoulders as he states she has not had any plastic surgery..Tell-tells of a person lying!!!

  • erin

    PLEASEEE COURTNEY. hope you read my comment. i don't know what your mom is like but the world is just laughing at YOU. not to mention, i am not trying to hurt you but trying to help you. you are a beautiful girl but trust me. Your beauty will eventually fade as you get older. if you want to earn respects from others, work on your brain, not your appearance. try not to get attentions. we all give you attentions because you are so young and immature. try to make friends who tell you their honest opinions about you. it will never harm you to educate yourself or learn something useful or help others to become a better person inside. your environment and people around you might not give you a chance to see yourself. try to see the world and people outside of you circle. it is never too late to make a change, young lady. hope you will find yourself one day.

  • Emily

    Look at the way she's responding to the doctor touching her on the face. Just the way she looks when he touches her tells me that she craves affection. I guess mom was too busy buying her these trashy clothes to give the poor girl a hug, and we all know her dad wasn't present because if he was she wouldn't have such obvious daddy issues. And I feel like the real reason she goes off to a hotel every night while filming Couples Therapy is because her and Doug have never slept in a bed together.

  • Seppie

    Given she is not very pretty, and that her nose is "lumpy".. I would say she has not had surgery, for if she did, she was robbed! Her excessive padding has "leaked" out of her bras many a time. Go away Courtney.

  • martini

    Ahh okay, the video works now. It's strange he didn't check her nose, so maybe she did have a nose job but asked them to do a subtle nose job so it wouldn't be as obvious. The first thing ANYONE does when looking for evidence of a nose job is to tilt their head back and examine her nostrils, which he mysteriously didn't do. You can easily see the scar and the triangular nostrils if a nose job has taken place. So the fact that he didn't do that makes me wonder. Also, after seeing a close up of her lips, they are still very thin (the top lip especially) she just makes the illusion her lips are bigger by drawing the outline bigger with lipliner. Her hair is very matted and terrible. I was surprised how bad quality it was. Also, when they zoomed in, you could see her nose still is big, and her lips small, I think she's been taking photos from further away lately which flatters her features alot more than photos up close. She could really benefit from lip injections.. They aren't invasive, and they're pretty cheap..and theyre not permanent, so she would be a perfect candidate for them. The reason she is, is because her top lip is really thin, which automatically makes the nose look bigger in comparison. If her lips were bigger her nose would look smaller and she'd look a ton better. I'm not talking huge over inflated lips.. Just a natural sort of size of an average 18 yos lips as her lips are on the thin side. Frances bean cobain did that because she had tiny lips, a big pointy chin, and a big nose, and she would be absolutely brain dead if she got plastic surgery because she got Kurt cobains features and is the only child of Kurt, so getting rid of that to look like the average plastic barbie in hollywood would honestly be the stupidest thing anyone could do, so she smartly got her lips injected instead..and now look at her! She looks like..3 points better she was a 5 before lips, and now and now she's like an 8 after lips (and losing weight) look at pictures of her years ago.. Then look at her now.she looks way better but her chin and nose are the same.. Lips are very important for facial symmetry and facial balance. I believe Courtney having lip injections would do the same wonders.. She would also be a great candidate for a nose job too, but that's major surgery and quite scary for someone so young ..and she could do other things to improve her appearance before doing major surgery like that..especially since a nose job can completely change your face and she might not even be recognizable, plus nose jobs can go wrong and she could ruin her look completely. So..for now I'd recommend she gets her lips done land maybe in a couple hears if she wants to take her appearance up a notch again, she could get a nose job..but seriously, after lip injections her nose probably wouldn't look big at all. Other than lip injections there's no much else she could do to look sexier.l she could look classier, and more beautiful by dressing better, dying her hair darker, and not being so orange and trashy, but that's not the looks she's going for..she's going for the Pamela andersen sort of look.. Classic blonde bombshell trashy barbie.. She's already thin, tanned, pushed up boobs, makeup, blonde hair, extensions, trashy clothes, etc.. She's as good as she gets now, so the only way for her to look better would be lip injections as #1 and #2 nose job. Luckily she doesn't have a big chin so she won't need a chin reduction..most people with big noses have big she's lucky in that sense.. She probably could get chin implants too as her face is narrow but it's not really necessary. She's already about a 7 but she could be an 8 with lips, and a 9 with nose, then after that she could tone down her look and go for a classy look and probably be a 10. I like to analyze people's faces and hotness and how they could improve it. I know it's a bit strange but it's just an obsession I have probably because I see girls come into my work look like a 6 and then after a hear or 2 become a 9 and it really is fascinating how almost anyone in the world can go from average to hot with a few small steps, long as you don't have any crazily abnormal features.. And average girl can turn into a bombshell.. Look at courts old photos! She was a plain Jane.. She was a 5 at best..she looks much Better now with a tan, platinum hair, white teeth, better makeup, fitter body, etc it's f+*king fascinating!

  • martini

    No she definitely has had implants. When she first started shoving her face (and body) in the media, she used to wear mega push up bras and she didn't have fake boobs then, but most people claimed she did anyway. But it was just her wearing a big bra, with a small bra underneath.. The small bra makes cleavage, then the big bra gives the illusion of a bigger cup size. I'm a go go dancer and I have seen girls do it for many years, I used to do it before I got my breasts done too. As a go go dancer, your job basically IS boobs. Trust me I know my boobs. Anyway, that's how she had big boobs at the begining. She wanted bigger boobs but she didnt have the money, and neither did Doug. So she did many photoshoots of slutty behavior and sold them to the press, saved up enouh money for boobs, then finally got them done.. I can guarantee for about a month now, she's had fake tiddies. Her parents would have signed the consent form, I know a 16 yr old with breast implants, and like 3 17 yr olds with them's not uncommon. Now with her face.. Her nose has a bump and is looks slightly better in the recent photos but I think it's just better lighting and angles.. Her nose still looks wide.. When I see her in video I could judge better, but the video won't play on my iPad so I can't tell for sure, but I think it was mainly makeup, angles, lighting and the fact that she finally did her black roots blonde.. And she had her teeth whitened too, all those little things add up and make you look alot better, she had yellow stained teeth, black regrowth, dodgey makeup, ratty hair extensions and thin pursed lips when she first started appearing in the media.. She improved all that now that she made some money doing that couples therapy show.. I think she went out and got lip injections too, and no one can really tell for sure when someone has their lips done.l I believe she has had injections as well.. That's my theory anyway, after many years seeing girls at work have their faces and bodies altered/improved by makeup, injections, surgery, Deirdre and even dental procedures.

  • chloe

    her parents signed her away to marry a man almost three times her age. you don't think they'd also allow her to get implants?

  • RB

    Katie she has the worst fake boob job ever and yes you can have your breasts done at 16 i know because i had mine done at that age 16 her breasts are saggy because the implants are too big and she never has used a proper bra she is as fake as anything out there ......

  • jojo

    I saw the exam on Dr.Drew and they did find an object in her chest. Watch it again. She has had implants.

  • verinoi

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  • Lauren

    You obviously haven't watched Dr. Drew's Life Changers then. Courtney and her husband Doug did an interview and Courtney had an ultrasound done to her breasts by a nurse and plastic surgeon. The outcome was that her breasts were real and so was her face.

  • CourtneyDougFan

    Love these new pics! Doug & Courtney are a very cute couple!

  • Katie

    As someonen with fake boobs, I can pretty much gauruntee hers are real. They sag a lot, even with a mod profile implant, they wouldn't sag like that. They are also pushed up a lot when they do look big. Her boobs have been that size since she became a public deal and she was probably 15/16 then and no surgeon can perform a boob job that young because breast tissue is still forming. Some don't even give silicon as an option to 20 year olds for that reason.

  • milo

    anything to stay relevant!

  • Will Diggity
    Will Diggity

    They didn't check her breasts. So they are definitely fake...