Enrique Iglesias Strips and Makes Out With Mystery Blonde in ‘Finally Found You’ Video Teaser (VIDEO)

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Enrique Iglesias has always had a thing for pretty blondes, and in the latest music video for his new single, “Finally Found You,” the Latin singer gets hot and heavy on the dance floor with an Anna Kournikova lookalike.

The dance-pop track — featuring rapper Sammy Adams – is the lead single off Iglesias’ upcoming album. If the rest of the record sounds like “Finally Found You,” Iglesias might have yet another hit on his hands.

Watch the 37-second teaser for Iglesias’ latest music video above. 

“In this crazy world the choice is ours, only got a few / either you’re coming with me or I’m coming with you / ’cause I finally found, I finally found you,” Iglesias croons on the track. The rest of the lyrics are now available on DirectLyrics.

In the teaser clip, Iglesias meets a mysterious blonde — who happens to look like the singer’s real-life girlfriend, Anna Kournikova — in a club. They stare at each other from across the dance floor, and next thing you know, they’re making out against a wall.

Meanwhile, young rapper Adams is seen enjoying the night’s festivities on the dance floor — sans steamy make out. Sorry, Sammy!

The full video for “Finally Found You” should arrive online this week. Stay tuned…

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