Justin Bieber is Not ‘Going to Stand the Test of Time,’ Says Sharon Osbourne (VIDEO)

The star speaks out against cyberbullying in PSA.
Sharon Osbourne thinks the Biebs is just a passing fancy.

“I just don’t think, from my gut — maybe my gut’s wrong because it’s not 100% — but I just don’t think he’s going to stand the test of time,” The Talk host said of Justin Bieber at the National Radio Conference in Sydney, Australia on Friday.

Why does Osbourne doubt the singing sensation?

She doesn’t think that puberty has done its job.

“[He’s a] really great little guy,” the wife of Ozzy Osbourne said, but apparently that’s a catch 22. “That’s the problem — he’s a little guy,” she explained. Commenting on Bieber’s lack of stubble, she declared, “He needs some hair or something.”

Osbourne did have some kind words for the 18-year-old, even if they continued to throw shade on his music career. Said the 60-year-old: “He’s a fabulously nice person, and he’ll go on to do something else.”

The beau of singer Selena Gomez doesn’t seem to be too concerned. He tweeted on Sunday, “doubt me…i like it,” then followed with, “I’m working on something special.”

He then even called Osbourne out with a link to his “Beauty and a Beat” video:

Beliebers are sticking by his side, showing support through tweets such as “bring the doubters on, they don’t matter at all,” and Bieber is reciprocating the love by retweeting some of his fans’ kind words.

Do you think Justin Bieber will stand the test of time? Weigh in below.

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