‘Real Housewives of Miami’s’ Joanna Krupa Slams Call Girl Allegations: ‘I’m Definitely Not Going to Spread My Legs for $10,000′ (EXCLUSIVE VIDEO)

'RHOM': Joanna Club Drama
The model goes crazy during her fiance's party.
When supermodel Joanna Krupa isn’t fighting with her Real Housewives of Miami co-stars on Bravo, she’s going head-to-head with illegal escort agencies who use her image without her consent.

Recently, TheDirty.com took things one step further, alleging the reality star was once a high-priced prostitute willing to sleep with a stranger for $10,000. The reality star has since denied the false allegations.

Taking a page out of supermodel Linda Evangelista’s book — who famously wouldn’t get out of bed for less than $10,000 a day — Krupa told Celebuzz, “I’m definitely not going to spread my legs for $10,000.”

Krupa’s attorney, Marty Singer, has fired off a letter to Nik Richie at TheDirty.com, claiming one of Richie’s recent posts — entitled “Joanna Krupa Is a Confirmed Hooker” — is nothing but a defamatory lie.

“I was more upset by the fact they made my price so low than about the article coming out,” Krupa said. “I’m like, $10,000? Really?”

However, the supermodel-turned-reality star seems to be looking on the bright side of things, telling us she thinks of this debacle as a compliment.

“Once of my close friends John Casablancas, the creator of Elite Model Management, told me, ‘You’re at a level in your career where people are going to hate you and try to bring you down. I had the same situation with Cindy Crawford… So, take it as a compliment. Escort agencies only put the most beautiful people on their websites.'”

TheDirty.com has since retracted its original post, “Joanna Krupa Is a Confirmed Hooker.”

Now, Krupa can get back to stirring up drama on Bravo’s The Real Housewives of Miami, where she’s currently in an all-out reality TV war with cast-mate Adriana De Moura.

The Real Housewives of Miami airs Thursdays at 9 PM on Bravo.

Adriana De Moura opens up about her catfight with Joanna Krupa, below.

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