‘Real Housewives of New York’ Reunion Recap: 5 Hotly Contested Moments

'RHONY' Finale
Aviva rages and Heather strikes back.
'RHONY' Father Knows Less
Aviva Drescher's dad gets into the mix, then gets thrown out.
Part 2 of Bravo’s The Real Housewives of New York reunion has ended and what a red-hot night it was! Host Andy Cohen grilled the Big Apple socialites Ramona Singer, LuAnn de Lesseps, Sonja Morgan, Carole Radziwill, Heather Thomson and Aviva Drescher on some of the show’s watercooler moments.

Here are some of the night’s most sizzling moments.

1. LuAnn’s rendezvous with Tomas: As much as the Countess would like to forget her little dalliance with Tomas, the Johnny Depp wannabe on St. Barths, her day of reckoning occurred. What exactly happened? LuAnn admitted Tomas came home with her, but it wa all platonic. The sexy stranger just gave her a ride home, said LuAnn. She only lied because she feared the ladies — mainly Ramona — would give her a hard time. If everything was so innocent, why lie?

2. Sonja’s settlement saga: Ms. Morgan told Andy that although she hasn’t received her divorce settlement yet, she and her ex-husband have opened the lines of communications. Because of the stalemate with her ex, Sonja said she had to sell her home in France and file bankruptcy to keep her Manhattan townhouse. Spicy Sonja also candidly talked about being slammed with a $7 million judgment, after she backed out of an agreement to finance a movie.

3. Did Princess Carole date George Clooney?: Rumors swirled the moment the widow joined the show about her dalliance with the Hollywood A-lister. When pressed by Cohen, Carole confessed she did date Clooney, but there was nothing scandalous to report.

4. Aviva confronted Ramona… again: Don’t expect these two to dine at Cipriani’s anytime soon. Ms. Drescher is still upset over Ramona tossing her dad out of her charity, even though he grabbed her. Even when the footage was played for the ladies to see, Aviva still didn’t think her father did anything wrong. Good luck with that one Vivs! LuAnn chimed in saying she didn’t think it was appropriate for George to talk to Ramona about her feud with his daughter, but she saw no malicious behavior on the part of Aviva’s dad.

5. Don’t tell Ramona she has a drinking problem: You can call her a big mouth, or remark on her pension for wearing blue attire, but don’t say Ramona is addicted to booze. When Cohen asked Heather and Carole if they felt Ramona loved her alcohol a little bit too much, Ms. Singer snapped! She admonished Cohen for his question and demanded he stopped picking on her. Heather and Carole tried to diffuse the situation and stated their co-star was not a drunk, despite what the viewer who wrote in thought.

Buzz Moments

OMG!: Heather calling out Sonja for being ungrateful for all the work she did for her toaster oven packaging. C’mon Sonja, she did it for FREE!

Thank you, TV gods.: Andy and the ladies asking LuAnn why she lied about her encounter with Tomas if it was so innocent.

Awk-ward: Discussing Sonja’s sexual escapade with Tomas. Some things need to be left to the imagination.

Hotness: Andy came dress to impress with his fantastic suit.

Fab-u-lous: The jewels the Housewives wore. That’s a lot of bling in the room!

Can. Not. Wait.: Next season (and whether these women will be back)!

Celebuzz Meter (1-10): 9.5

Was LuAnn truthful about her night with Tomas? Should Ramona and Aviva bury the hatchet? Tell us in the comments.

– Jillian Bowe

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