Rihanna Covers ‘Vogue’: Talks Chris Brown, Drugs and Her Single Status

Rihanna, Chris Attend Jay-Z
Rihanna and Chris Brown spotted at Jay-Z concert.
Rihanna Feels for Chris Brown
Watch what the singer tells Oprah about her ex.
It would seem that Rihanna has it all: 37 million album sales worldwide; 11 number-one singles; five Grammy awards; 26 million Twitter followers and 61 million Facebook likes; and was she was even recently crowned Billboard’s No. 1 Pop Songs Artist of the last 20 years. So, what is she lacking?

Despite rumors of her reconciliation with ex Chris Brown, there’s one thing that’s the singer says is missing from her life. “I have not been on a date in forever,” Rihanna confesses in Vogue’s November issue, her second stunning cover for the fashion bible. “Like two years. Haven’t gone to the movies, to dinner. Zero.”

And she insists it’s not for lack of interest. “I would love to go on a date…. All I want is a guy to take me out and make me laugh for a good hour and take my ass back home. He doesn’t even have to come up. All I want is a conversation for an hour…. I’m a woman. A young woman, vibrant, and I love to have fun. And I have too many vaginas around me at this point.”

But she won’t boost her dating life by asking guys out; she’d rather wait to be asked.

“I’m waiting for the man who’s ballsy enough to deal with me,” she says. “I’m going to wait, though. You always find the wrong s–t when you go looking.”

Still, when the world thinks of Rihanna’s love life, only one person comes to mind: former beau Brown. The singer split from his girlfriend Karrueche Tranciting his “friendship with Rihanna” — after he was spotted with Rihanna in NYC earlier this month, cozying up at Manhattan hotspot Griffin and catching Jay-Z at the new Barclays Center arena in Brooklyn. And RiRi can understand the seemingly endless interest in that “friendship.”

“To the world, I feel like there’s no closure,” she admits. “There’s some obsession that’s continued even throughout when we weren’t friends or couldn’t be friends at all. Hated each other. The world hasn’t let go. They haven’t seen any progress in our friendship, because they don’t see anything…. They’re not on the inside. They can’t see what I see, unless they’re sitting in my point of view. I guess I’ll learn to accept that.”

And Rihanna isn’t sure thepress or fans  will soon close the door on that chapter of her life. “It’s a bit of a fascination, I guess,” she explains. “I don’t know if people will stop soon, but I feel like as soon as they have closure to it, they will.”

The chart-topping singer is surely used to the criticism that comes with life in the spotlight. After photos of Rihanna rolling what appeared to be a joint at Coachella surfaced earlier this year, several reports speculated that she was doing cocaine. “They knew what it was,” she says now. “They knew it was marijuana. It was completely clear to them. I just thought it was uncalled for. I don’t do cocaine. I don’t like being associated with anything that’s untrue.”

But Rihanna has plenty of positive to concentrate on right now — especially her red-hot career. The pop star is gearing up for the release of her seventh studio album, Unapologetic, which hits shelves Nov. 19.

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