Russell Crowe, Danielle Spencer Divorce: Spencer Could Receive Millions in Settlement

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Russell, Danielle Split
Couple of nine years is said to have called it quits. Read More »

The impending divorce between Russell Crowe and Danielle Spencer could result in a hefty settlement for the Oscar-winning actor's wife of nine years.

According to the Sydney Morning Herald, Spencer could receive $25 million, if not more, from money Crowe earned from his high-profile movie projects and various business investments.

Also at stake is the couple's real estate portfolio, estimated to be worth up to $50 million.

The couple -- who have yet to address the reports -- signed a pre-nuptial agreement, according to the Herald. The paper reports that the agreement guranteed Spencer at least $15 million provided they stayed married for at least three years.

A $3 million trust fund was also reportedly put in place for each of the couple's sons -- Charles, 8, and Tennyson, 6.

Reports of their split first hit the Internet on Sunday, though speculation has been brewing since June when Spencer was photographed out on the town with Damian Whitewood, her partner on Australia's Dancing With the Stars.

The couple married in 2003. They met more than 20 years ago on the set of The Crossing.

Crowe, who later this year will stretch his vocal chords in the movie-musical adaptation of Les Miserables, is currently stateside, filming Darren Aronofsky's biblical epic Noah alongside Emma Watson and his A Beautiful Mind co-star Jennifer Connelly.

Before marrying Spencer, he was previously (read: infamously) linked to Meg Ryan, whom he worked with on the ill-fated drama Proof of Life. Bad buzz surrounding the on-set affair between Crowe and Ryan (who was then married to Dennis Quaid) was blamed for the 2000 film's lackluster box office.

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