‘Alex Cross’ Author James Patterson on Tyler Perry: ‘He’s Terrific’ (VIDEO)

When Morgan Freeman played Alex Cross in the films Kiss The Girls and Along Came A Spider, author James Patterson seemingly hit the casting jackpot in finding a terrific actor to bring his iconic detective to life.

But Patterson says he thinks that actor and filmmaker Tyler Perry (Madea’s Witness Protection) is equal to the task of inhabiting the role, as he’s doing in the new film Alex Cross.

“He’s younger, he’s more physical,” Patterson tells Celebuzz of the film’s leading man. “Alex is a big man. He’s more a man of the people. I think he’s a terrific Alex Cross. And I think it’s great to have had two terrific actors in the part.”

How instrumental was Patterson in picking his new Alex Cross?

Patterson has always exerted a considerable amount of control over the film adaptations of his books. In this case, he enjoyed approval of virtually all parts of the production, although he admits that it’s a good idea to get out of the way once filming actually starts.

“I had a say over the casting, the script and the director choice,” Patterson explains. “And then once it starts rolling, unless something is drastically wrong, you should just stay out of the way.”

As for what inspired the film in the first place – especially after Freeman had played the character so memorably – Patterson says that he simply wanted to continue exploring the character on the silver screen.

“What motivates me is doing something well,” he says. “So it’s trying to make a thriller as good as we can make it, and with this movie, I wanted to make a good movie. And I think we succeeded.”

Alex Cross opens nationwide October 19. Watch the film’s trailer below.

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