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How awesome are Rushers?

Big Time Rush fans took to social media to get their boys on the  2013 People's Choice Awards' stage. With over 7,000 Facebook posts and thousands of tweets -- in less then 24 hours -- Rushers are demanding that Big Time Rush perform at this year's show. Not to mention they want BTR cuties Kendall Schmidt and Logan Henderson to host!

Now, because of their fans' devoted efforts, Schmidt and Henderson are giving back -- by giving away eight tickets to this Sunday's concert event, "All-Access Hall Pass Presents 'Who Came to Party For Operation Smile?!'"

Want to win a ticket to the star-studded event? Find out how...

The all-star fundraising event will feature LMFAO's Sky Blu, Shake It Up star Zendaya, Big Time Rush stars Kendall and Logan, rapper Mac Miller, BQ Girls, Poreotics, and Jersey Shore star DJ Pauly D.

The party, hosted by KIISFM’s Manny Streetz, kicks off at the All-Access Hall Pass Live stage on October 21 at the Los Angeles Sports Arena in Los Angeles, California.

Presenters will include Twilight star Jackson Rathbone, Pretty Little Liar's Lindsey Shaw, Glee's Grant Gustin, High School Musical's Lucas Grabeel, Make It Or Break It star Cassie Scerbo and Awkward funny woman Jessica Lu.

Does this sounds like your kind of party? Here’s how to enter:

Follow Celebuzz on Twitter and ‘Like’ us on Facebook, then leave a comment below telling us why you love Big Time Rush. Sounds easy, right? 

PLEASE NOTE: You must sign in to Celebuzz (or use Facebook to sign in) in order to comment and win.

This giveaway will close on Friday, October 19 at 5PM ET. Prize does not include transportation.


Good luck and get commenting!

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  • melissa malone
    melissa malone

    i want a spacil meet and greet for make a wish foundaion of big time rush i want the meet and greet passes for 2014 on january 23 so i can meet them in real life. and i have a boy friend and his name is Carlos jr. pena

  • melissa malone
    melissa malone

    big time rush is my #1 favoite group ever i really want to meet them so much they care about their fans and the olny one that have down syndrome at eighteen months old i was given three months to live and with three holes in my heart and two holes in my ears and i just love biig time summer tour and i want to meet them since they we're famous and a great singers

  • Vanessa

    Honestly I can't even discribe why I love 'em ... ♥ ... well, it all started with the song "Boyfriend" - I didn't like it at first, but listening to it once again and once again and once again made me love it ♥!! Soon I bought the album "BTR" and that's how I got addicted! Hahah, I gotta face the truth - I'm addicted to 4 , let's say 5 (Dustin too) dorks who are crazy as me, have kinda same humor and care about how we, the "Rushers", feel. They're just so lovingly and friendly, althought I never met them yet, I know they are! They are idols in the way they fight for their dreams and live their life. There aren't many stars who can sing live, but Big Time Rush is definitely one of those who can!! Being a Rusher is the best thing that could ever happen to make, cause they're the reason I smile, althought I'm sad. Big Time Rush makes me happy!! And being here supporting them, even if they don't know I'm sitting here giving my heart to them, makes me proud, 'cause they are worth it that I'm writing a whole bible in here - sorry Celebuzz, but that's just the short version wy I love these freaking awesome jamazing guys ;))!! ♥ much love and good luck to the others, Vanessa :D Twitter: @VaanessaaxD

  • Santan Martinez
    Santan Martinez

    I want to win because I deserve to meet them I have been a Fan Since 2009. and I have not seen them yet..yeahh there a millions that hanvent seen them yet but i need to win to see them. It would mean the world to me. They have changed my life sooo much and i cant believe that i got a chance to know who big time rush is and what they are all about. They are not just a band they are soo much more to me. and it would mean the world to me if i won to seee Logan and Kendall. it would make my day to even see them for a minute but i need to meet them!!! <3 <3 please please pick me

  • Caitlin O'Connor
    Caitlin O'Connor

    I love Big Time Rush because they have great voices and harmonies and ugh they're such nice, normal people. They're pm the second coming of nsync because no other boy bands can dance like that and put on a show that's nonstop energy. Basically, their music is a surefire way to make me happy. k

  • btrloverforever64

    Thank you!

  • thelisapena

    Big Time Rush is the best thing that has ever happened to me. They are the light of my life. They make me smile even on my darkest days. Meeting just 2 of them would be the ultimate dream come true and I would be able to die happy :) I couldn't ask for anything more than to meet at least 2 of them. Nobody, except other twitter Rushers, understand how much these boys mean to me. Plus, I live less than 2 hours away from L.A so I can easily provide transportation :) I hope it's not too late and I hope I get chosen :) I'm a Rusher for life <3

  • jennguyen32893

    Big Time Rush is a band made up of four incredible guys who were given the opportunity to live their dreams. Despite the fact that they are famous, their hearts are always in the right place. When they heard about a fan with cancer and her time was limited, not only did they make a video for her, they even planned to visit her. They were on tour but they made it a priority to fly over to her ASAP. I love Carlos Pena, James Maslow, Kendall Schmidt, and Logan Henderson because they go out of their way to please fans or I mean Rushers worldwide. This Rusher Family that these guys created are filled with loving Rushers worldwide. I am proud to be their fan or excuse me their RUSHER and be apart of this wonderful Rusher Family. These guys may be living the Fame life but they definitely did not let that affect their normal lives. I have to say this they have inspired me to write my first song lyric and since then I’ve been writing a lot. 2 songs I’ve wrote were inspired by them even though they don’t know it. Overall, the reason why I love Big Time Rush is because these guys put forth so much effort into writing music, touring, and keeping their show going on Nick for their fans. I don’t love them because they are famous or because of all their success. I love Carlos, James, Kendall, and Logan because of who they represent which are 4 guys who’s life revolves around living life normally and their fans. I also love them because they are truly different than most celebrities out there. They don’t seem to be affected by any of the Hollywood Fame. They have been and always will be making fans a priority in their life. People say that I am the kind of person who always put people above myself. Even though that may be true, these guys aren’t any different than me. They are such caring, pure hearted guys. They are truly marvelous people and I would love to be their friend. I would love to get involved in a charity with them or help them out in any way possible. I think that it’s time for me to step in and give back to them since they give so much to others. I would love to give back to them one day. I can honestly say that I am not a crazy, wild fan, but I am definitely a Rusher who cares about others and what these guys represent. One thing I learned from them is that “Beauty shines within” and they taught me to be comfortable in my own skin. To them I’m their Cover Girl. Also, I am surprised by how cautious they are with their actions. They realize that have little Rushers out there so they keep that in mind. I am admitting to the fact that Carlos, James, Kendall, and Logan are something special. I really wish that one day they will be known by everyone not for their work or fame but for their character. I hope that one day I will be able to meet them in person and tell them that they are beautiful inside and out.

  • Stephanie werner
    Stephanie werner

    i love these boys to death ! they are myeverythig. help me meet them and make my biggest dream come true ?

  • rusher98

    REASONS WHY I LOVE BIG TIME RUSH I can identify to every single song they have, They make me laugh, cry, be happy, ECT... I scream every time I see them on TV, I get extremely happy every time I hear one of their songs, and see their music videos. I love them because each of them is unique, this guys make boy bands get famous again, they don't let others opinions affect them. They make me feel special like I am not invisible to them. Every song gets to my heart... Their lyrics have to do with things that actually happen to them or people. They aren't the typical famous who leave everyone decide for them. They always have a big smile on their face. They make every single girl melt from how pretty they are. They love all their rushers. They live their life big time. Rushers rule the world forever...BTR is the most amazing boy band in the whole history, they interact with their fans, and they make every single rusher feel special. Also I won't need a million more reason to say why I love them, They are perfect and UNIQUE they aren't like any other famous. I hope I win.

  • veronicarenee74

    I love Big Time Rush because they are 4 hockey players from Minnesota chasing the dream! Haha but in all seriousness... Big Time Rush is genuine. They are some of the hardest working, humble, and not to mention selfless people I have ever gotten the pleasure of seeing. Their music is fun and catchy, yet sincere and meaningful when it needs to be. Everything they do is for the fans and may I say that a new song is the greatest gift to any fan because it means they are doing what they love. While it may sound cliche, it is nothing but the truth and you can see it in their actions. From performing concerts worldwide (no pun intended :) to the smallest action as replying to a tweet. And of course operation smile. I have worked with people with special needs before and it is an incredible feeling knowing you made their day special. They are like everybody else and are so grateful when we take the time to realize this and spend time with them. The feeling we get when we meet our idols is the feeling they get when they meet us. This would be an amazing experience to be apart of regardless, but what better way then to be apart of it with musicians whom you admire. BTR never stops giving.... that is why I love Big Time Rush.

  • Alexis Tormis
    Alexis Tormis

    First off, who wouldn’t love BTR?! They’re absolutely talented and not to mention, down right gorgeous! They’re absolutely nice guys and appreciate their rushers! I would love the chance to meet and see BTR. Unfortunately, I was supposed to see them in concert for their Summer Tour but ended up being one of the dates that got cancelled. Not to mention, I tried waiting for them for hours at the airport when they got home from the tour, only to find myself at the wrong terminal. After many failed attempts in seeing the boys, this would be such a great opportunity to meet them! I’m a 25 year old rusher! No shame and absolutely proud to say it! Nothing but respect for the work Kendall, Logan, Carlos and James put into their show and music! Winning this would be amazing, thank you!

  • Alexis Tormis
    Alexis Tormis

    First off, who wouldn't love BTR?! They're absolutely talented and not to mention, down right gorgeous! They're absolutely nice guys and appreciate their rushers! I would love the chance to meet and see BTR. Unfortunately, I was supposed to see them in concert for their Summer Tour but ended up being one of the dates that got cancelled. Not to mention, I tried waiting for them for hours at the airport when they got home from the tour, only to find myself at the wrong terminal. After many failed attempts in seeing the boys, this would be such a great opportunity to meet them! I'm a 25 year old rusher! No shame and absolutely proud to say it! Nothing but respect for the work Kendall, Logan, Carlos and James put into their show and music! Winning this would be amazing, thank you!

  • Mrs. Schmidt :)
    Mrs. Schmidt :)

    There are so many reasons that I love Big Time Rush that if I were to write them all, this comment would be to the floor. Kendall, Carlos, Logan and James not only create amazing music and have talent, but they are also very inspirational people. Yeah, they're funny and cute, but they mean so much to me. I don't know how I became a rusher, but I'm so happy I did. Their songs are not only catchy, but they also have great meanings behind them. For example, their song Cover Girl is so sweet and uplifting, whenever i listen to it , or any of their songs, I automatically get in a better mood. I never have been this obsessed with anything in my life. Those four boys make me so happy and even a simple tweet makes my day. I will love and support then until the very end. It has been 3 years since they got their start in 2009, and they have accomplished so much. Gained many fans, won Kids' Choice Awards and even two gold records in mexico..but they are still the same four goofballs. Fame hasn't changed these boys it won't be changing them anytime soon. They care about us rushers so much, and actually love each and every one of us, unlike other artists that are just in it for the money. Big Time Rush has gotten me through so many hardships that being able to see them in person would mean the world to me. They mean so much to me and I just love them all. Thank you so much for having this contest and giving all rushers an opportunity to see Kendall and Logan! I'm sure whoever wins will have an amazing time. BTR isn't only a band...but those 4 boys are my idols. :)

  • serenabk12

    I really want to win so badly. I love big time rush and I really want to meet Kendall and Logan so bad they are my favorite. If I win it would be an awesome/exciting day for me :D. I love all of their music and their show. They inspire me to do what I love so much and I thank them for that. One day I would love to just hang out with them and talk to them like normal people :D ~ Serena S a.k.a serenabk12

  • myherodbelt

    That is exactly how I felt but didn't know how to say. I love the way you talked about them and I definitely understand what you're talking about when you say your best friends.

  • myherodbelt

    I want to meet Big Time Rush so I can thank them. They've been such a big help to me. From just stressing over an exam to feeling like I want to die, they've calmed me down. The boys work so hard to make us happy and I can promise you, it's worked. They write their own songs from their own feelings. They write songs that they dedicate to -US- the fans, to tell us that they see us, that we aren't Invisible. The music they have is so different. It's not all about sex, drugs, and alcohol. It has meaning. It inspires you to follow your dreams and test yourself. Make sure that whatever you do, you put your all into it. Don't stop 'til you hit the top. They span to all ages and I love them. I'm a sixteen year old girl that would probably scream(at least in my mind) at the sight of them and will remember this day for the rest of her life because she met her idols who have kept her from doing horrible things and made her outlook on life much more positive. Even if I don't get picked in this contest, I would hope whoever reads this would tell them that Brenna Berry says "Thank you for making my life so much better. I don't know what I would be like without you but it wouldn't have been good and you will always,ALWAYS be in my heart."

  • btrloverforever64

    I love Big Time Rush because they make me feel loved. I have never been 100% open with anyone even my best friends because I always feel like someone is going to judge me. Whenever I hear one of their songs or anything that reminds me of them (forks, ducks, spiderman) I just smile no matter where I am. When ever I feel like I'm not good enough or just feel bad I listen to Cover Girl and suddenly the world goes from dark to light again. When I talk to other rushers online I know that no one will judge me by the way I look or I dress or what music I like or what I'm good at or not. I know that we are all a family and thats some of the few times I fell like I really belong. I don't care if I'm judged because I love a "Nick boy band" I love them and I don't think about them like that. Who ever wants to judge me they can go right ahead because it's their loss. I will never say I don't love them, I will never let them get the best of me. When ever I see Carlos' "Wazzzzzzzz!" tweets or James' "Fox Photo Friday" or Kendall's ways he makes every girl feel beautiful or Logan's just plain silliness, it makes me smile. I have never felt totally confident in being who I am but I get a little boost of confidence whenever I listen to "Cover Girl" or just look at them. I love these boys so much, they have been with me through think and thin and have always made me feel good enough and beautiful.

  • btrloverforever64

    I love Big Time Rush because they have inspired me. I have always been shy and never thought I was good enough, even with my best friends. I always think someone is going to judge me on everything I do. Big Time Rush has helped me step by step get over this. I am still the quietest person in my grade by far and I hate being that person. Every night when I go to sleep I wonder if anyone cares about me and if anyone thinks I'm good enough and when I look up at my celling (poster) I see those 4 faces that always remind me that I am who I am supposed to be and if anyone wants to judge me then they can because the right people will love me for who I am. I still haven't quite broken out of my shell completely but when I listen to "Cover Girl" I feel loved and when I hear their other songs wither I'm with friends or with complete strangers a huge smile breaks out on my face. And when I talk to other rushers I feel like I finally belong somewhere. Somewhere where people won't judge me by the way I look or the clothes I wear or the music I listen to. I feel like I'm a part of a real family. I also just love the boys the music and the TV show. They always can bring a smile on my face wither it's Carlos's "Wazzzzz" tweets or James' "Fox Photo Friday" or Logan and Kendall just being plain goofy! When ever I see a picture of them or anything that reminds me of them (fork, duck, spiderman) it just makes me smile no matter what. Big Time Rush has helped me become more open about at least one thing with my friends. I might get teased for liking a "Nick boy band" but if they want to judge me for loving these boys who make everyone laugh and feel beautiful then thats there loss and I will never give in and say I don't love them.

  • Stephanie werner
    Stephanie werner

    i REALLY love btr. they helped me find friends. their songs have lots of meaning and i really connect with them. i've been there since day 1. they really truly care about their fans. meeting them would be a dream come true. let me win a ticket ?

  • Steph Apitz
    Steph Apitz

    Asking me why I love Big Time Rush is like asking a mom of 2+ kids who her favorite kid is. This question is hard because you can't specify the exact reasons why, and if you try, you'll just keep coming up with more reasons as to why you love them with all of your heart. I honestly probably have not gone a day without listening to one of their songs for about a year now. I have been a fan since around March of 2011 and so many people have told me that I'll probably get over this obsession and move onto the next new artist soon, but its almost been two years, and I plan to keep it this way for as long as this band keeps going. Also, you dedicate so much of your life/ time to them without even noticing. From what I've seen of them, and from what other people have told me, they all truly don't let fame get to them, and that could very well be my reason why I love them so much, but like I said before, you can't just name one. I may be only 14, and haven't experienced much with life's difficulties, but from the hardships I have had to go through, somehow in someway they always help me through it. Whether it just be their angelic voices I hear from their songs, or their crazy antics on the show or in interviews, they somehow help in one way or another. Just talking about them or seeing their faces make my day brighter. You can't explain this to someone without sound insane, but I feel like they will always be there, (mentally not physically) when I need them most. Thank you so much for even giving me this opportunity, even if I do not win. I have entered many of the giveaways or contest before, but have yet to win.. Maybe this could be the one?

  • bluberryjack

    Big Time Rush is not only a inspiration to me ( for never giving up) but also to oodles of rushers worldwide. They are loveable,funny people with good looks and beautiful voices. My favorite song would have to be 'Halfway There' because that song has taught me to break out of my shell,be who I am, and follow my dreams. The show is also very hilarious and different. I always look forward to watching the new episodes every weekend and if even see them on a commercial or something it just brightens up my day completely. I have and always will love and support them through it all. I'm sure all the other rushers would agree also because that's how great rushers are. If I win this contest it would be the adventure of a lifetime because all I ever wanted or think about is to meet them in person. :)<3

  • Diana RusherforLife Pangan
    Diana RusherforLife Pangan

    Honestly where do I start with Big Time Rush?! They are an amazing and inspiring group of guys who are role models not just for kids and teens but for adults too. They take time to visit kids who are in thw hospital. They write inspiring song lyrics. They love their rushers a lot and vice versa. It would mean the world to me if I won this ticket!

  • Chloe McCoy
    Chloe McCoy

    Ok. I have seen you in concert, seen all of your episodes, And you are scattered all over my room. I am on twitter and I thoight you would never respond. But you did!~ Chloe

  • Kyle Goldfinch
    Kyle Goldfinch

    I really love big time rush! These boys are my favorite! I love how they are down to earth! I love how their always singing and dancing! I love them! I love them goofing! Their inspiring people and because i live on the other side of the world! I would catch a jet to the side that they are on! I love them so much! I could cry! I am in exam mode atm! and the things that keeping me sane is that im going to meet big time rush someday! I really love these guys, they've given me so much! and i want for them to do is know how much I appreciate That!! damn im going to stop crying before I cry!! :( Love you big time rush! you guys are my one love!!!!

  • kariannemaslow

    I love Big Time Rush because theyre amazing singers, kinda really cute, and they truly care about their fans. Theyre so sweet and put all of their efforts into what they do not only because its what they love, but they also do it for the fans. I feel like that makes them truly special, because most bands dont do that. Theyre also hilarious, fun guys and are quite the hotties. They all have great personalities, and not just when in front of a camera :)

  • Emily

    Big time Rush has literally changed my outlook on life. I know that sounds a little cheesy, but Ill tell you why. I have always been a person who is afraid of almost everything, And the lyrics "Live it Big TIme" reminds me that I only have one life, so I have to do what i want with it and throw away my irrational worries, becuase always worrying is certainly not living it "Big Time". Also, these boys care so much about their fans. They are so sweet to their supporters and fame has not changed them. One of the best things is that they always want their fans to feel beautiful (they are mostly girls haha). They totally express the most amazing messages in their songs and i feel they are speaking to me. It would mean the world to me if I could meet the people who changed my entire outlook on life.

  • Jessica Mongus Nguyen
    Jessica Mongus Nguyen

    I love Big Time Rush because they're not the same as other celebrities. They haven't let all the fame get to their head, there aren't stories of them talking trash because these are the most mature guys in the music industry. They're professional but down to Earth at the same time. Everything they do is for their fans. I'm 20 years old and when people ask if I'm a little too old to be listening to them,I say of course not, because BTR's music is meant for everyone. Their music speaks to all ages. Their music has a deeper meaning rather than all the other music you hear nowadays. Not only do I love their music, but I have the utmost respect for all of them. Logan, Carlos, James, and Kendall deserve way more credit than they're getting. But in the end, everything they do is for the fans, for us, and we couldn't ask them for anything better.

  • yankeesgirlyfan

    I know there may be alot of these and you might not ever see this but those four boys mean the world to me. I have been overweight my entire life and their songs encouraged me to loose weight. The songs are so inspirational and touching. They are all so sweet and caring for their fans. The song covergirl makes me feel beautiful on the days I am feeling down. Whenever I listen to thier songs I end up dancing around my room. Alot of people probably have longer entries, deeper stories and better reasons why theys hould get picked. My reason is simple, I love them and they can change my view on myself. No longer am I a "fat" girl no one talks to, I am a beautiful rusher <3

  • Shaelyn

    I LOVE THE GUYS OF BIG TIME RUSH NOT ONLY BECAUSE THEY ARE HOOOOOOOTTTTTTTTT BUT BECAUSE THEY ARE NT JUST ANOTHER STUCK UP GIVE ME MONEY BOY BAND! they care about their fans! you guys have NO IDEA how much i want to ELEVATE at this event! i know tons of people are entering this contest and my shot at being the one being chosen is VERRRYYYY SSSSSSSLIM but im going to try anyway! you have no clue how much i LOVE big time rush and logan and kendall are my 2 favorite from the band! *KENDALL*

  • karliematt

    Big Time Rush, where do I start? I've been there since the beginning. James Maslow, sweetest cutest guy! Logan Henderson, love him! Kendall Schmidt, such a cutie. Carlos Pena, so adorable! Their songs are so inspirational and you can relate to the lyrics so much! Worldwide is one of my favorite! Along with Music Sounds Better With U and Cover Girl! Love them all but this would be really amazing to win this. Thank you - Karlie Matt :)

  • Qadirah

    I Love Big Time Rush because they have deep music. Their music actually has a meaning to it and it comes from their hearts. They're all amazing looking and the best idols ever. I don't think that they're just a band from Nickelodeon. they're more than that! They're so nice to their fans and they're amazing in concert. they sound as if it's on the album but live. They're also REALLY funny! they make me laugh til I cry. and it's not because of the show, but also in real life. the things they do just make me laugh. they know how to treat animals! like Fox. James takes care of Fox like his own child. but he's a dog...anyways, they are just the best band ever! people think that BTR is just a waste of my life, but if they actually took the time to see them, they'd understand why. If it weren't for BTR, I wouldn't even be here. i would have no life, and everything would be boring. i would have had nothing to do for the past 4 years. i am only 13 and i love them soo much. i don't know what my life would be like without themm they can't get any better <3

  • mylovecarlospenajr77

    Big time rush is my life I live by btr my dream is to meet them and they are my role modles so if you want to make my dearms and wish to come true you will choses me my name is,kaylee

  • cnclph

    I would like to go to the operation smile event with to meet Kendall and Logan from Big Time Rush. I love BTR because their music is inspirational and whenever im down they always cheer me up. Their music is also catchy and fun to sing and dance along too. I loe their show very much too it is so funny and ive seen every one! Plus they are all adorable sweet cute and everything youd want in a guy and thats why i would like to go and meet them!!

  • Raquel Melecio
    Raquel Melecio

    ahhh thats one of the reasons i love BIG TIME RUSH they do everything for us #Rushers they care n love us alot i really want to go ahhh it would be my dream to be close to Logan and Kendall i love them all so much ahhh love BTR with all my heart

  • kfitz27

    It's actually really hard to describe how much BTR has changed my life. Plus, I'm a 19-year-old college guy, so none of my guy friends really listen to them, so I can't really tell anyone how much I enjoy their music. I have had some of their songs on my iPod for a while, but I only started watching the show this passed May when I came home from college and my younger brother was watching Nickelodeon and BTR came on. He told me that he liked the show and wanted to watch it, so we did. Since then I cannot get enough. The next day, I started to watch the entire series, starting from Season 1. I have now seen every episode and downloaded every song onto my iPod. The reason I enjoy their music and show so much is because they carry much more than one message. One message that has really affected me is the message to "follow your dreams." Growing up, I was the type of kid who always changed what he wanted to be when he grew up, especially during high school. Freshman year I wanted to be a vet. Sophomore year I wanted to be an architect. Junior year; a physical therapist. Then during senior year I thought that I finally found the perfect career choice, and that was engineering. I went to a college that was an amazing school for engineering. Turns out, after freshman year ended, and I started to watch and listen to BTR, I realized that this wasn't my dream. It took some time for me to realize what exactly I wanted to do with my life. While I was trying to find my dream, all I could hear in my head were the lyrics, "It's the only life you got, so you gotta live it big time!" and "Aim high, never rest, put your passion to the test." When I returned to school this passed August, I changed my major to Communications with a focus in Broadcasting/Production. I realized my dream is to be on TV, whether it be directing people, or being directed. This is my dream and I am so glad that Big Time Rush helped me realize it. I literally owe my life to these guys. They have impacted me so much, that for one of my classes we have to choose a show that is currently on TV right now, and write an 8-10 page paper on that show. I obviously chose Big Time Rush for this paper!! Thank you BTR for everything you do, and know that you have fans out there that will never give up on you! Thank you Celebuzz for giving us Rushers a chance to meet these four great guys. Hopefully you'll consider me for the contest!

  • Kristin West
    Kristin West

    My 4 year old daughter loves btr, She never misses show has all their cds and has 5 btr shirts. It would make her so happy to meet them!

  • Claudia lowrie
    Claudia lowrie

    I just love btr so much and I've never had an opatunite like this before so thanks.

  • mistyclay

    Who doesn't love Big Time Rush, that is the real question. I mean, the only way to not love them is to not know them. And that is a terrible shame. I'm 23-years-old and started listening to them maybe two-ish years ago. I was introduced to them by my young nieces who watch their show on Nickelodeon. I watched the show and thought it was cute, and as they say, the rest is history. I think it's great that in a the days where the entertainment industry is less honorable, these young guys still manage to be good role models. I'm not saying they are perfect, but they do seem to have good hearts and good intentions. And that's what I love most about them. Yes, they are talented, and yes, they are funny, but above all they are kind. The world has been given to them, and they can do or be whatever they want, but they choose to be humble, thoughtful and grateful.

  • Bianca Rendon
    Bianca Rendon

    I'm going to get to the point, even though I have A LOT to say but I LOVE Big Time Rush I have never met them, I always dreamed of it though. But Anyway, they Inspire me to move forward and Life is Too Short to be Organized. I have been a Rusher since 09. Big Time Rush are my role models and the make me feel better, like I am not alone. I have gotten bullied, yes, I have not long ago and they helped me move forward from it and made me feel as if I wasn't alone. They made me feel loved. I love how they care for their fans and how they treat us rushers like we are their Family. They made us a Big Time Family. I love how they can take some of their time out to go see kids that are sick in the childrens hospitals and make those kids feel amazing about themselves and how those kids smile once they arrive. I also love how they make every girl feel beautiful, even when the girls think they don't look as well, They are beautiful. If you guys get to this post, I want to let you guys know that they are just so sweet to everyone . And If I don't get the tickets it's fine. Every Rusher deserves to see them. If it's not me, Oh Well at least another Rusher will have a big Smile On their Face when they see them :)

  • Emily

    I LOVE Big Time Rush because they are 4 fun, loving smart guys who have the same passion for music and they love what they do on their TV show. I also have every one of Big Time Rush's songs on my iPod and have both cds. I also never miss an episode when their show is on. If the band and TV show just went away I'd be very very upset, even more upset than anyone could imagine. Big Time Rush also have amazing personalities. Each one of them is different, but unique. Also, BTR's bond is stronger than I have ever seen they love each other like brothers, which I think is super important to them. I also have a lot of posters all over my room. I know that no matter how much harder they work their fanwill always come first. I love how they care so much for their fans (us). Whenever they are sad or just bored, just one tweet can brighten up their day. Also for us rushers, the song Cover Girl is all about no matter how we look we'll always be unique and special to them. BTR is all so loyal and sweet, not to mention HOT!, they will always love us and what they do. They also like to go to children hospitals to visit the sick children and that just makes us love them more. And they also like to see the smiles on their faces just to know that they're there for them is super good. BTR will always be more than a band and a TV show to me. They're my role models and I would do anything to meet them. They're the best thing that's happen to me since 2009 when they first started. That's why I LOVE Big Time Rush sosososososososo much.

  • Tami Lynch
    Tami Lynch

    I love Big Time Rush because thei rmusic spans ALL ages! Their show is funny and dorky, and those guys make having a good time fun and CLEAN!! So much of today's music is full of such garbage. Big Time Rush has songs that are fun to dance to, don't promote violence, sex, or drugs and make you want to party! James, Kendall, Logan, and Carlos are absolute 100% princes, gentlemen, and downright amazing men. Their devotion to their work is beyond amazing. But what makes them so spectacular is that they don't do what they do just to be famous; they do what they do because they LOVE doing it. They are not motivated by fame, money or anything else except their passion. You can see it in their eyes when the perform. It comes from the heart and regardless of how popular they may or may not be, they remain rooted and humble through it all. It is inspiring, refreshing, and highly attractive! They embrace EVERY Rusher, girl or boy, from every country, whether they are young, old, or in between. I know because Carlos chose me as the first Mom to be a Worldwide Girl at my concert on 7/22/12. If that doesn't say something about their love for their Rushers, I don't know what does! Never2old2BeARusher, now always and forever. I love Big Time Rush!!!!!!!!

  • 1makhenderson

    I love Big Time Rush because they are great people. I have never met them, but from hearing stories about them and just seeing videos of them, I truly know they are down to earth. Logan, Kendall, Carlos, and James all work SO hard at everything they do! They care about their fans so much and it shows! Not a lot of celebrities are like that, it's amazing! It seems that a lot of famous people change after a while, but Big Time Rush doesn't. Sometimes, to me, the boys don't seem like they are really famous, they seem just so down to earth like just "normal" people. The music Big Time Rush makes is amazing, I love it! Their songs have great lyrics that have meaning. I can tell they take their time in writing songs that are just right. Plus, they are AMAZING singers! All of the harmonies are just perfect. When I'm listening to Big Time Rush, it feels like they are just singing to me! Another thing, the boys are good looking haha they are perfect! I can't find a single flaw in any of them. My dream is to meet the four boys that inspire me and just hug them and say thank you for everything they do and just for being them!

  • Joann Russell
    Joann Russell

    We 1st fell in love with Big Time Rush on their nickelodeon show... It is a GREAT family show and we all enjoy watching the BTR boys entertain us with their humor and music. My (then 6 yrs old) daughter decided that they are the BEST!! and could not wait to get their Anticipated 1st CD 'BTR'. We then heard about them doing a charity show with the TJ Martell Foundation in NYC for Cancer, Leukemia and Aids research so we made a donation since all was near to our heart (including BTR) and boy did they make Charlize's day offering a group hug when she went the extra mile to be sure they received a very special card she made them. Right from the start they were all very personable, really enjoy what they were doing and made the kids so very very happy!! Then Came their 2nd CD, their 'Music is better with you" Tour and their 'Summer Tour'... we enjoyed them even more. Charlize has a special place in her heart for Kendall as he has reciprocated with 'thank you's to her for gifts she has given him (in which Kendall told me at a meet and greet that I actually need to thank his Dad for)... Seems to be a great family all the way through. All the BTR boys seem to be very special many ways!! Carlos also has a special place in his heart for the young rushers, always trying to make them feel special too. They are all incredible on stage and have the talent of not only entertaining but also getting the entire audience involved with the excitement of the night!! They all go out of their way to make eye contact, high fives, call outs, whatever makes the kids happy!! As a Mom I'd like to thank Kendall (and his Dad), Carlos, Logan & James for being GREAT role models for my (now almost 8 yr old) daughter. You all seem to just be great people with a great outlook on life, write and perform awesome music, great actors and we LOVE BTR!!

  • Alyssa

    I love Big Time Rush because they are four VERY inspirational guys. They are loyal to their fans, they are amazing people, and even though they are famous, they act like normal guys who care about other people. Big Time Rush are NEVER rude to fans, they put their fans first, and they suppot their fans in everything. I also love their music, and their individual personalities. They make their fans feel happy when they are sad, and they brighten up their days. Overall they are amzing, beautiful people who should be recognized for all that they do. I am VERY proud to be a Rusher because I love them and they love their fans for who they are. No matter what culture you are, how you look, or even how you act, they will always LOVE their fans! I LOVE how they send the world a message by showing how they act towards fans and other people, no matter how famous they are, or how well people know them. So I wish some day I could meet my rolemodels and my inspirations, because they are truely the BEST. And that is why I LOVE Big Time Rush SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO much!

  • Jeannette Guerrero
    Jeannette Guerrero

    Who doesn't love BTR? I mean a group of gorgeous guys with beautiful voices and great personalities. I mean I would honestly kill to have the talent they have. I love BTR because well their themselves. I don't think I've ever seen such down-to-earth musicians who still remain humble regardless of the fame and glam life they live. The BTR boys are so talented and funny that the day I get the chance to meet them, i'd probably give them a huge hug and thank them for remaining so chill haha. They have achieved so much and I know they'll continue to achieve alot more. These guys are extremely talented and gorgeous and humble; they have the complete package and that's something you don't see everyday! Their one of a kind! =)

  • Toni Miller
    Toni Miller

    I love Big Time Rush because they are 4 of the sweetest, most down to earth guys that anyone could ever have the pleasure of meeting. I have never seen any other celebrities with as much love, respect and appreciation for their fans as BTR. And of course they are just amazingly talented guys. Whether singing, acting, dancing or anything they do it, they always give 100% and it really shows. I am constantly amazed at how hard those boys work to make every single thing they do something really special for all of us.

  • Monica Cortez
    Monica Cortez

    Inspiration. That's the first word that comes to my head when I see or hear the words Big Time Rush. I've loved this band since the start back in November 2009. What I love the most about them is that they're four down-to-earth, humble, talented, driven musicians & actors. I've never seen a band who care so much about their fans as much as they do. They give me hope & courage that I'm able to do anything I want!! Because of them, I smile everyday and have inspiration to never give up on my dreams... Even though they're not that big *YET, I know that eventually they'll get there because of all the hard work they put into their career. I'm proud to call myself a Rusher since the start, and I'll keep that until the end. I don't want to keep rambling about why I love these four guys so much, lets face it- that would take days! Basically, my love for Big Time Rush is indescribable.

  • Gladys Mendez
    Gladys Mendez

    I love Big Time rush because not only are they all super talented but they have not let fame get to them. Although they deserve to be bigger than what they are, you never hear them complain but rather thank all of their rushers for being such big supporters.They are still 4 down to earth guys who love what they do and love their fans. Also they make sure all of their fans feel special after every concert. I cannot wait to see them again on tour in 2013 and hope that there will be a season 5 and a 2014 tour as well!!! They are just amazing!!

  • isawakitteh

    i love big time rush because who doesnt? well most directioners and beilievers but i LOVE them. Basically because they make me feel like the most beautiful girl, they're not like your average boy band they're really sweet and just kendalls hair seems so soft and carlos got a nice booty and james well i love him and just wow, and logan i love that wonderful cute beast c: okay, this doesnt seem good but i really love them okay, and it would be my dream to just atleast seem them, like seriously, i just love them okay im cry

  • Cheri B
    Cheri B

    I LOVE BTR!!! There is no reason why i dont love them!! whats not to love!! They all sing like angels, they all act ( and are so cute doing it lol) and they all are just AMAZING!! Well I would love to win these tix cuz these boys are amazing!! theyall have there own style and attude and i love it!! there are down to earth guys that care about there rushers!! They havent let fam change them and still love to be the goofy guys they always have been!! Me & my duaghter have both fallen in love with them and some how have let these 5 boys ( adding dustin :) totally take over our lifes!!! There is not anyone else in the world we would love to win these tix for!! It would be a dream come true!! I could go on for days why i love them and all the reasons but there is deff not enough room!!! I would give anything to win so please concider me!! Oh and my daughters BD is coming they would make the best gift EVER!!! <3 I LOVE U BOYS TO THE MOON & BACK 100 TIMES!!! <3

  • Emily Mason
    Emily Mason

    I love Big Time Rush because their dedication and devotion to their fans (us rushers) is unbelievable. They credit us with ther success, which is partly true. However, their talent and hard work and perserverence got them to where the are now; well-respected in he music and television industry and loved and revered around the world. For 4 guys to have that kind of impact on the world like that is undeniably an outstanding achievement. They still have (and sometes make) time for their devoted fans. They're just 4 goofballs traveling around the world making music and making people's days. As hey travel to these places, and perform they bring their charasmaic personalites, their warm hearts, and their hilarious sense of humor. I'm proud to be called a rusher because not only am I attributing myself to my 4 idols (and in my mind my 4 husbands) who I love and look up to, but who inspire me to reach for my dreams and be myself becaue that's what I'm great at. They bring a smile to my face when no one else can; their insanity makes me laugh until my sides hurt; ther adorable smiles make me blush; they light up my world and make me feel important. I know I'm not invisible to them, even though I'm 1 of a bazilion. They helped me realize I'm beautiful and one-of-a-kind. I love my insanely dorky, handsome and goofy idols known as Carlos, James, Logan, and Kendall.

  • itskarkar

    I love Big Time Rush because they are truly hard working, talented, and down to earth people. They care about they're fans and never let us forget it. This would mean the world to me if I got to see my favorite band ever, even if it's just Kendall and Logan because i love all four of them. They are great role models and my inspirations to never give up on my huge dreams!! I know everything about them and have every single song memorized even their covers!!!!

  • Michaela Edson
    Michaela Edson

    I love Big Time Rush because.. I don’t know if I could ever list all the reasons. I’ve loved them with all my being for about a year, and I know that may not seem like long, but they make me happy. Their show can always make me laugh, and whenever I just can’t take the world anymore, I put on their music and it all goes away. Big Time Rush have taught me so much, more than anyone else. They've taught me that dreams can come true. There's light behind the darkness. They're the only ones who have ever gotten through and I've believed that I'm beautiful the way I am. These 4 dorks have given me something to look forward to, and to be happy about. Their music makes me feel amazing inside and it actually gets through to me. I love them more than anyone else in this entire world.They make me feel loved and valuable in Every. Single. Way. They mean the world to me, and if I could see them, it would be the biggest rush of them all. <3I love them because Logan, Carlos, Kendall, and James, make me smile when no one else can. I love Big Time Rush because they are 4 amazing and wonderful me. who I am proud to call my idols.

  • Michaela Edson
    Michaela Edson

    I love Big Time Rush because.. I don't know if I could ever list all the reasons. I've loved them with all my being for about a year, and I know that may not seem like long, but they make me happy. Their show can always make me laugh, and whenever I just can't take the world anymore, I put on their music and it all goes away. They mean the world to me, and if I could see them, it would be the biggest rush of them all. <3

  • Katrina Nygren
    Katrina Nygren

    I love Big Time Rush with all of my heart! They have been in my heart since 2009 and words cant explain how much they men to me!! Big Time Rush has taught me about myself and the others around me and I cant thanks them enough!! The guys have taught me that I am beautiful the way I am and I will never forget them! The guys are amazing sweet down to earth boys and they mean so much to me!! I love them so much and cant even come close to explaining it!

  • Stephanie Nguyen
    Stephanie Nguyen

    Honestly, Big Time Rush are some of hardest working men out in the industry today. I am honestly so proud to call myself their fan, their 'rusher' because James, Carlos, Logan, and Kendall are four of the most amazing role models out there. They literally do everything they can for their fans. During the Big Time Summer Tour, when the stadium was basically flooded, they still continued on with the show for their fans. When the speakers blew out, they still continued singing. When James got food poisoning, he still got back up on his feet for the show that day. When they performed for Jane, it was one of the sweetest most heartfelt things anybody could ever do. Nobody asked them to dedicate Worldwide to the little rusher who died of cancer before they could meet her, but they did. People don't realize how much they do, how hard they work, how much they dedicate themselves to do what they love doing most. They're still all so humble and thankful for us and never let fame get into their heads. For a couple of guys from Nickelodeon, that is pretty amazing. They act on one of the greatest tv shows on Nick which had the highest ratings for a live action tv show back in 2009. They're all so funny on the tv show and real life. They INSPIRE me by how much they do and how hard work can eventually lead to achieving your dreams. They're one of few who was renewed for another season on Nick. They're still going strong and I can not wait what they have in store for us. Their music makes me happy and inspires me. All of them are blessed with an amazing singing voice and instrumental talent. Even though they're from a network like Nick doesn't mean they're not skilled. BTR and Elevate were both amazing albums and I can not wait to see what their third album has in store. It's going to be amazing and I'll support them no matter what. They're down to earth, sweet, extremely good looking, funny, dorky, and they can sing, dance, and act, and I don't know they're like perfect in every single way shape or form and I just love them a lot. Really though, I love them so so so much. They do make me happy. They do make me a better person. If I was ever graced with these fabulous tickets to see them on stage; it would honestly be the best thing in the world. :) <3

  • Alex Armaos
    Alex Armaos

    I love Big Time Rush because they are the most inspiring people I know of. They're incredibly humble despite having thousands of girls and even boys of all ages screaming their names. They will always do everything in their power to make their fans happy, and have not lost sight of what really matters although they're climbing the ladder to fame. But on a personal level, they mean more to me than any other band I have ever been a fan of. They don't even know my name, and yet they fill me with such joy. They have a way of turning a completely horrible day into a wonderful one, just by listening to their music or watching their ridiculous television show or even looking through old interviews that they've done. Kendall, James, Carlos and Logan have never failed to put a genuine smile on my face when I needed one the most. Moreover, they turned me into who I am today. Before Big Time Rush, I had no idea what I was going to do with my life, and I wasn't even planning on applying to any colleges, instead settling for community school. Because of these four wonderful boys, I am a seventeen year old senior in high school and swimming in college-related stress. It doesn't sound like a good thing, but it is. They helped me realize that I was selling myself short by settling for community college, and that I deserve an education like everyone else even if I'm not in the top 10% of my class. Most importantly, they helped me decide on my future. I have been told by many people in my life that I need to pick a reasonable career to pursue, like a teacher or a doctor. What I am truly happy doing is drawing, and because of Big Time Rush's encouragement and inspiration, I am pursuing my dream of becoming an animator, and I won't take no for an answer from anybody. I love Big Time Rush because they are more than four boys with incredible talent; they are the people who helped shape me as a human being, and that is more than anyone has ever done to me. I know my chances of winning this contest are slim, but I had to give recognition where it was due. Thank you for your time and thank you to BTR for everything.

  • Ashley Danielle
    Ashley Danielle

    I love Big Time Rush because they care about their fans. They've worked their butts off for anything and everything that they've done in life, and never get respected for what they do. People think that Big Time Rush is a band for kids up to the age 8. Its not true. They have fans up the age of grandmothers and grandfathers. Their just four down to earth guys who consider themselves four dorks that live in a tour bus, on tour. I love Big Time Rush, because their them. Their not pretending to be someone their not. I've never been to a Big Time Rush concert, and it would mean the WORLD to me if i did. My parents think that Big Time Rush is childish, and immature. I want to win so i can prove to the parents that Big Time Rush isn't just a kids show. I want them realize Big Time Rush mean the world to me. I've been a rusher since the very first episode, and i'll be a rusher to the very end. =)

  • Carolina

    I love them because they are genuinely nice people, they always do things to give back and they are so sweet to us rushers. Seriously words cannot describe how they are, and its amazing to see how fame has not gotten to their head.

  • Kristen

    i love BTR because theyre my idols. they have taught me so much, like to never give up, always follow your dreams, and love what you do. they helped my self-esteme go higher. i actually believe in myself for once. their music gets me through tough times and i owe them so much. they're not like other celeberties either. they,re so kind and caring for their rushers. i havent met them, but everyone that has has told me so much about them. i would what to meet themto say thank you for everything they have done for me in person. they dont know how much they mean to me. and if it werent for them, whoknows what my life would be like righ now. i would probably be running away from home, doing bad things around the street and stuff. but thanks to BTR, im a different person, im always happy. winning tickets to meet them at this show would be so amazing. first because theyre supporting it for such an mazing cause. second because its my dream to meet them. and even if it not all 4 of them, still love them. hopefully i win this. im keeping my fingers crossed. <3

  • Taylor Sweat
    Taylor Sweat

    I love Big Time Rush because they're not your average boy band. They actually work their butts off to put out angreat performance for their fans. They are four of the most sweetest guys I've ever met and they genuinely care about their fans. They're so dedicated to what they do and it's so admirable. I've witnessed at their show in West Palm back in August how dedicated they are. This freak storm came through and they had to go off stage for a few minutes and their security guys were telling them to cancel but instead they came back out and finished the show, give or take a few songs. Most people would've just canceled and I've respected them even more because of that. These guys have done nothing but hard work and it sucks because they don't get as much appreciation and respect as they deserve. You don't really see artists like Big Time Rush. I feel like you can actually relate to them. They've been a huge part of my life ever since the show premiered. I've been practically across the country to see them (from Nevada to Tennessee to DC to all across Florida) and I will continually support these guys. I'm so proud of what they've become. They put out great, danceable music, funny episodes of their show and they sure know how to get a crowd going at a concert. What more could you want?

  • Rabia Hussain Khan
    Rabia Hussain Khan

    I love Big Time Rush because they are very down to earth people. They don't take the fame to their heads like a lot of other performers/celebs/people in the entertainment business. They're great role models for people of all ages. I like how even outside of their show and concerts they can keep it PG because they are PG that's just their personality there's no vulgarity at all. They know their audience and they cater to them perfectly. They work so hard in life cause they have their TV show and on top of that they keep touring for their fans. They don't just sing on stage they interact with the crowd and dance their butts off! It's kinda saddening to see them not get the appreciation they deserve outside of their fanbase. I would love to see them make it big in life like their competition One Direction because I believe they work harder. All they want in life is to be respected and nothing else and it makes me and other Rushers so proud when they're happy because we know if it weren't for us they wouldn't be where they are today. :)

  • heffronlove

    If I win a ticket it would be amazing! Not only would I be seeing an amazing concert that is for a wonderful cause, I would be seeing two of my favorite people in the world Kendall Schmidt and Logan Henderson. Pleas bless me with one of these tickets!

  • heffronlove

    I would LOVE to win these tickets! I am a huge fan of BTR and especially Kendall and Logan so it would be a dream come true to get these tickets! Please can I have a ticket?

  • Stephanie werner
    Stephanie werner

    i love btr ! i think about them all the time and know so much about them. meeting them is my ultimate dream ! i'e been a true since the first episode of their show. please give me a ticket ?

  • Kristen

    I am 15 years old and I L-O-V-E Big Time Rush. I can relate to all of their songs! Each one has a different message and makes me smile. Big Time Rush isn't just a boy band from Nickelodeon. They are SO much more then that. I think all of the guys from Big Time Rush are EXTREMELY talented. They are all VERY adorable and their personalities light up a room. I admire Big Time Rush's dedication to their fans. They never forget about us and we will never fotget about them. Kendall, Carlos, James and Logan are hung up in just about every inch of my room. I love how they put on a show!! The Big Time Summer Tour was the BEST CONCERT I HAVE EVER BEEN TO!!!!! I really hope that you see how much I admire and love Big Time Rush. They are an inspiration to everyone around the world. They deserve way more credit then people give them. I love you big Time Rush. (:

  • Brenda Warren Jones
    Brenda Warren Jones

    I adore BTR! I am a 41 year old mother of 3 children. My youngest daughter is 7 years old and introduced me to BTR last year. These young men are so talented in so many ways! They seem to be really good people at heart. The way I see them interact with their fans is wonderful. It would be a privilege and honor for my daughter and I to meet members of BTR one day. Thank you Celebuzz! God Bless!

  • Brenda

    I adore BTR! I am a 41 year old mother of 3 children. My youngest daughter is 7 years old and introduced me to BTR last year. These young men are so talented in so many ways! They seem to be really good people at heart. The way I see them interact with their fans is wonderful. It would be a privilege and honor for my daughter and I to meet members of BTR one day. God Bless!

  • Ambar Chichande
    Ambar Chichande

    I love Big Time Rush because they are awesome guys and awesome artists and because every verse of their songs make me smile. They are just four normal guys, but they have a lot of talent and that is what made them famous. I'm proud to be a Rusher because they are fun and humble though they are famous. I love them as artists and as people, because they have incredibles personalities, they take care about things that some people just ignore, they work a lot to can grow up, they teach us(their fans) a lot and they inspired me to do things that I think I'll never would have done. Thanks Celebuzz for this contest, I hope to win.

  • Allison

    I really love Big Time Rush. They truly know how to put on a show. They get the audience going and jumping up and down. Their songs are so full of emotion and true words. They are so cute and love their fans to death! When I went to their concert in Dallas in June, I literally died and was freaking out the entire time. It was so cool to be able to touch their hands during Halfway There and just know they care about the people who necessarily couldn't get front row tickets or meet and greet. Thanks for the contest and I hope you pick me!

  • Briseida Noriega
    Briseida Noriega

    I love big time rush because they are some of the most down to earth guys I've ever met. They give amazing concerts that are so fun & enjoyable. Their tv show is so funny & they all have hearts of gold. They are great role models for our future generations. Plus, Kendall & Logan are my favorite band members so if I won this it would make me so happy. They are truly talented and never fail to put a smile on my face.

  • Laura Martinez
    Laura Martinez

    What do I love about Big Time Rush? Wow, that's a pretty hard question just because it's so hard to narrow it down and make it fit in this tiny comment section. But with all honestly, these four guys are beyond amazing. They're very dedicated, hard-working, and talented individuals. They don't just sing and act because its their job, but you can truly see the passion they have for it, and that's what makes them great at what they do! These four guys bring me joy, and encouragement to pursue my dreams, and as long as I stay positive and work hard... I will fulfill every goal I have in life. Big Time Rush inspires thousands of people out there, and I am proud to say I am one of them.

  • Richard A Lara
    Richard A Lara

    I love BTR because of my little sister and for what they have done for our brother sister relationship. At first I wasn't into the boy band genre music, I'm not going to lie it wasn't my taste. But as I spent time with my little sister she would always play there music and would tell me just keep an open mind, yeah coming from an 9 yr old go figure. Little by little I started getting the lyrics, humming to the songs, understanding the meaning to those songs and eventually singing along with her. If you were to ask me years ago if I would be a huge fan today I would of said without any hesitation no way but because of my little sister she was able to change that in me. Whenever I hear a BTR song or play it in my car I call my little sister to tell her and she just giggles at me. I can honestly say BTR has made my relationship with my sister way closer and stronger and I would like to thank them so much. It would be awesome to take her to this concert and give her a huge surprise. It would definitely be like saying thank you to her for getting me to be open about music and the different genres. BTR is genuinely a great band that is very connected to there fans, and are at the top of my list.

  • Briseida

    I love big time rush because they are some of the most down to earth guys. They give amazing concert that are so fun & enjoyable. Their tv show is so funny & they all have hearts of gold. They are great role models for our future generations

  • miriam102091

    I LOVE the guys of big time rush. The reasons are endless. First of all they're easy on the eyes and always have on the most genuine smiles which fits perfectly for this occasion since the event is for Operation Smile. Secondly, their music is beyond phenomenal and inspirational. Whether it is an upbeat track or a soft ballad they have songs that fit every occasion. Third, they are hilarious! not only do they make me laugh til I cry with every new episode but they also manage to make me laugh and smile through their responses in interviews. But the main reason I love big time rush is because of what they stand for, they keep me motivated because they're all about "dreaming big." They have inspired me because they have come so far with their show and music and still continue to grow. Seeing Kendall and Logan at this event would be big time amazing!

  • Miamigirl2013

    I love Big Time Rush (BTR) so much. I would love to see them in concert. They were amazing when I saw them in West Palm Beach in August. They put on such an AMAZING show! I was jumping up and down when other people were doing the same thing and singing along. All their songs are so good especially Windows Down. My friend wasn't able to go to the concert but I guarantee that she would have had a good time so I would love to make it up to her by going to this concert. It would be cool to see all the big time rush boys again. They are so hardworking on their show and in their music that it makes me proud to be a fan of them and I will continue to be a fan. Thanks Celebuzz for this contest :)

  • Mara Zamora
    Mara Zamora

    OMG !!!!! I love BTR because they love their fans & always interact with them on twitter .I absolutely love how hardworking they are & no matter what they always have a smile on their faces .Every time i listen to BTR i get chills all over my body because their voices are amazing .I'm a 20 year old mother of a 2 year old daughter & i'm proud to say we both are HUGE fans of Big Time Rush .We always watch the show together & sing / dance to their songs . WOW ,im still freaking out about this giveaway . Thank you so much for the chance & god bless . xoxo <3

  • Sierra

    I love big time rush because they're honest sweet guys that care about their fans.Whenever I listen to their music is actually makes me feel like something and feel good about myself.When I've met the guys they've taken their time to talk to the fans and actually get to know them.And not to mention how beautifully cute all of the guys are ;) I would love to go , so please pick me! Thank you :)

  • miireyaa

    I love Big Time Rush because they are 4 awesome guys who care about their fans and this shows not only in their songs but also in the time they take to give back like feeding people on thanksgiving with the salvation army, working with make a wish to make a girl's dream come true and participating with this event. It would mean so much to go get to see them.