‘Dancing With the Stars: All-Stars’ Elimination: Playing It Safe Sends One Dancer Home

DWTS Week 4 Recap
The All-Stars dance out of their comfort zone
'DWTS' Kelly & Val
The team discusses its chemistry and Paula Abdul.
After a night of risky dances that threatened to unhinge several All-Star couples, ABC’s Dancing with the Stars results show eliminated the one couple who played it safe. The celebrity who refused to take risks found herself with a ticket home.

On Monday’s episode, the pairs took on styles that were not only out of their comfort zone, but some had never been used on the dancing competition. To raise the stakes a bit, former American Idol and The X Factor judge Paula Abdul sat in on the panel. There was a lot of frustration and tears, but taking risks seems to come with rewards.

Note: Spoilers ahead if you didn’t watch Tuesday’s episode.

Amazingly, Bristol Palin was eliminated on Week 4 of the competition. I was certain the show would keep her through Election Day, milking the hot political landscape for all it could. And, I’m glad to be wrong. Realistically, Bristol’s Rock-n-Roll lindy hop jive wasn’t a bad dance, but it was the most basic of dancing on a night when risk-taking and courage should dominate. See her perform her last dance in the video above. Refusing her partner’s suggestion to don bunny costumes was probably the right call, but refusing to do cartwheels or any lifts to push her boundaries fell flat with voters. But, let’s get to the down and dirty of the situation: Bristol wasn’t the caliber of dancer that a cast of All-Stars demands.

Bristol’s All-Star status was hotly contested by many viewers going in to the season, and you could feel the tension mounting the last few weeks as former champions were sent home prematurely. While Bristol did show more promise on All-Stars, there is no way she should stay in the place of some of this season’s greats. The judges were way too generous with her scores compared to the other contestants, which makes it easy to question their motives. Consider that fans learned about “power voting” the hard way on Season 11, as they watched good dancers be eliminated week after week in favor of Bristol. Perhaps, America just would not stand for the nonsense again, despite the influence of the judges’ panel.

Surprisingly gracious, Bristol had this to say when saying her farewell: “We did it. We made it to Week 4 and I’m happy with that. I had an awesome time and an awesome partner. I wish everyone the best of luck.”

Apolo Oho and Kirstie Alley found themselves in jeopardy with Bristol, and the Olympic speed skater was saved first. Kirstie was in the bottom two, as well as placing at the very bottom of the leaderboard.

Next week, the competition will be split over Monday and Tuesday night due to the Presidential Debate with no results until the following week. The All-Stars will dance to their “Guilty Pleasure” songs and take part in the season’s first Team Dance freestyle. Dancing to “Gangnam Style” will be Shawn Johnson, Sabrina Bryan, Apolo and Melissa Roycroft. Dancing to “Call Me Maybe” will be Gilles Marini, Kelly Monaco, Kirstie and Emmitt Smith.

Do you think Bristol outstayed her welcome? Or do you think she should have moved on to next week? Sound off in the comments section below.

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