‘Easy to Assemble’ Season 4 Premiere: Illeana Douglas Talks Romance, Sundance and Ikea (VIDEO)

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Actress Illeana Douglas describes her web show as “the little engine that could.”

The show, Easy to Assemble, has been on for three plus years thus far and features Douglas as a version of herself who is trying to get out of show business while working at the IKEA in Burbank. Now starting its fourth season, the show previously saw Douglas’ best friend, Justine Bateman, work at IKEA and start a very popular Internet talk show broadcast, 40 and Bitter, from IKEA. After traveling to Sweden, Bateman was kidnapped by her long lost brother and now the show is in jeopardy. Without Bateman, Douglas finds her character in the fourth season being forced to do her very own show or else they’ll get rid of her

“So Season 4, I’m finally, I’m stepping into my own after three years of vacillating, ‘Do I want to entertain? Do I want to do this? Do I not want to do this? Do I want to be just an anonymous cog in the wheel?,’” said Douglas in an interview with Celebuzz. “I’m now poised to take over Justine’s show and make it my own show.”

Of course , here are some issues that arise with her show, This Side Up, and her IKEA manager will bring a new producer, Howard Frisk (Roger Bart), to the store. Though they won’t get along initially, the pair will come together to prove they can make the show its best.

What else did the star tease about a possible romance between the two on Easy to Assemble?

“Through this unlikely partnership, there’s a possibility for romantic entanglement between two people that are so screwed up already,” she explains. “But, they need each other in some funny way.”

“That’s going to be the basis of what the new show is about and will be about from this point on,” she continued.

In addition to the Tony-award winning Bart, comedian Wayne Federman will also appear on Season 4 as a transplant from the Carson, Calif. IKEA, which Douglas describes  as “obsessed with me and thinks this is pretty much the greatest job ever.” Over the years the show has had many guest stars including Jeff GoldblumJane Lynch, and Ed Begley, Jr..

Believe it or not, Easy to Assemble films all their episodes when the Burbank store is live an in action in the early summer.

“That’s the one rule at IKEA is that, normally when you do a movie, it’s called a lock up and it’s totally quiet, no IKEA is like that — it’s the one thing — we can not stop any of the shopping or any of the workers doing their work,” she said.

Douglas initially had anticipated Season 4 being the web show’s last go-round but as she recently signed a partnership deal with Sundance, things have been invigorated and the actress is looking forward to the show continuing.

“I had reached a point where I was like, ‘I just can’t do this anymore, it’s just so challenging,'” she recalled.  “It was just at that moment, I met with them and they wanted to come on board and partner up with me, so I thought that was a fantastic idea. With them on board, that’s just a game changer for me.”

Easy to Assemble consists of 11 episodes and will air every Tuesday from Oct. 16 thought Christmas. You can find episodes at youtube.com/easytoassembletv.

To watch the Season 4 premiere of Easy to Assemble, click the video above.

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