Gerard Butler: Five Things You Don't Know About His New Girlfriend Madalina Ghenea

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It’s been reported that Gerard Butler is dating Romanian supermodel Madalina Ghenea. The brunette bombshell isn’t new to dating Hollywood's most eligible bachelors, however, as she was rumored to have dated Leonardo DiCaprio in Oct. 2011.

The new couple were spotted kissing on the French Riviera on Oct. 14 and strolled the streets after sharing a romantic lunch. Numerous onlookers were caught off guard by their hot and heavy PDA. The two were also fairly handsy at an after party at Hotel Du Cap-Eden Roc during the 2012 Cannes Film Festival in May.

So who is Ghenea?

Celebuzz has compiled the top five facts you didn’t know about Butler’s new leading lady:

1. She was expelled from high school after a racy photoshoot of her posing in lingerie at the young age of 16 was made public. The school officials told Ghenea’s parents that she wasn’t welcome back to the school after the photos were released.

2. She’s one of the world’s top lingerie models, posing for LASCANA in Italy in numerous sexy campaigns.

3. The two reportedly met when she was hired to help Butler, 42, promote a new razor for the Dubai-based brand, Super Max, in spring of 2012.

4. Not only did she date Leo, she is a Leo. Ghenea was born on August 8, 1988 in Slatina, Romania. According to her Facebook, she’s 5’11. The model is open about her measurements too, she wears a size six dress and has 35-23-35 measurements.

5. She’s just getting her acting career started, co-staring in Don Hemingway with Jude Law and Game of Thrones star Emilia Clarke. The film is expected to be released on fall of 2013.

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Sound off in the comments section below to weigh in on Butler’s gorgeous new girlfriend.



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  • nic

    elvira get a life. she's everything and you're nothing, but a vitriolic mean person

  • Lidia

    She is incredibly beautiful and I can see why someone like Gerry would fall for her. Her youth and naitivty is quite alluring to a man. Though I would prefer Gerry to remain single forever for all of us ladies who like to dream, I do wish him all the happiness.

  • Toni s.
    Toni s.

    Powerful men always go for a woman twenty years younger. Of course, these relationships usually do not last. Sometimes a child or two is produced. In general men are interested in one thing...looks. If they are poor or unwilling to work men will be interested in money but they will cheat...big time. Women should work at building their own career and being self sufficient. Unfortunately, Edward does not exist and if he did there wouldn't be enough of them to go around. I have thought carefully about these topics and in my opinion it is indeed a man's world but women can live a good life and an independent life if they wish. And I will also add that there are a lot of good men out there. I think most people are good.

  • Toni s.
    Toni s.

    I think she is too tall for GB. A man always looks better with a petite female. He should aim for 5'4" to 5'7." Super tall is great for super model career but some men don't like to feel overpowered. Young women should also be careful with the lip injections. A little goes a long way. Moderation is key.

  • sugarfoot8

    I agree that he needs somebody closer to his age,,, He is getting ready to settle down,, she is just getting started in the business. He needs to give up on the young ones and concentrate on those not in the business and closer to his age... or he is headed for heartbreak.

  • elvira

    Funny how you didn't mention the fave lips and boobs?

  • elvira

    That's not the striptease I'm talking about, go to her fb site she has it posted. It's from a video site called Vimeo. It's her, she goes topless for awhile.

  • elvira

    It's all over the Internet, just google it. It's all common knowledge. Her pics are also on some escort site out of the Netherlands however many think she's just leasing out her image.

  • Catalin Mihai
    Catalin Mihai

    she didn't "date" Brody, she was photographed sitting on table next to him at a public reception, that's all She wasnt expelled from high school at 16 because she was already working in Italy as model from the age of 14. Yes she did graduate from school - and even with good grades. The high school rumor was made up by Daily Mail (british tabloid helloo) and the striptease scene is from I Soliti Idioti, an italian comedy where she played a role last year. Happy now?

  • elvira

    Your title implies that there are 5things the readers didn't know about Madalina Ghenea. I'm betting there's a lot more they don't know, like she also dated Adrien Brody. Also she has had breast implants and lip injections. Perhaps they haven't seen the striptease video she made when she was younger. No wonder she got kicked out of school, did she even graduate?

  • Maria

    What does a man in his 40''s have anything in common with a woman in her 20's? Except sex. Historically, these relationships don't last. Obviously, Gerard Butler hasn't figured this out yet. I'd say enjoy the moment while it last!

  • jerseydevil43

    they are both beautiful.

  • stwanz

    Wishing them loads of happiness:) Life's too short to be mean.

  • kris

    Meh, she was never popular in Romania either. Nobody knew about her until she was photographed with DiCaprio. Then the press constantly said they were having a relationship (and even getting married, lol). After that, she decides she should return to Romania (cause she lived in USA and Italy most of her life). She made a movie and people called her a new Sophia Loren (lol, never). After a short TV appearance, she ran back in USA. And boom she becomes famous. But trust me we have better actors and women than her.

  • CanD

    a) he's old enough to be her father b) she likes the camera and being in front of it *see pic's of them in France she can't stop looking at the paps and encouraging them. he prefers to remain private. c) he should date someone in there 30's who isn't career driven so they could pop out a few little Butler's. d) they just don't look like a made for each other kind of couple. u know like Brad & Angie, Will & Jada, Jen G & Ben, Barack & Michelle, Wils & Kate, u get my point.