MTV’s ‘Underemployed’ Stars Preview the New Series: ‘Reality Hits,’ Says Inbar Lavi (VIDEO)

MTV is either going to scare its pre-teen audience or get approving nods from its twenty-something viewers with the stark reality that is portrayed on its new drama series, Underemployed.

The series follows a group of friends (played by Inbar Lavi, Jared Kusnitz, Michelle Ang, Sarah Habel, and Diego Boneta) who are full of ambition and hope about their future after graduating from college.

“They’re loaded with a bunch of ideas of what life should be,” Lavi, who plays dreamy Raviva, tells Celebuzz when she and Kusnitz stopped by our Hollywood Studio, “What kind of jobs they should have and what their dreams are and can’t wait to do it, then boom! Reality hits and it’s not as pretty as they hoped.”

“Yeah, everything they thought, it’s like someone pulled the rug from under them,” co-star Kusnitz, who plays the grounded Lou, interjects, “And was like, ‘Oh, welcome to real life, by the way.’”

What are Raviva and Lou facing on the series?

Looking for her big break into a singing career, Raviva finds that the path to greatness is full of twists and turns.

“With Raviva, I had to make sure that I could portray three main struggles that she faces throughout the first season,” Lavi tells us. “And I felt like if I could nail those three, then I’d be solid.”

Lavi says that those three challenge are being in love with Lou, who drives her crazy; being broke in a bad economy; and here’s the kicker, she becomes a mom (which happens to be Lou’s kid).

“A year [after high school graduation], you find Lou in his apartment living with his best friend Miles played by Diego Boneta,” Kusnitz says. “[You] find us there just really sort of slumming it, trying to figure out what we want.”

And then Raviva shows up and the well-meaning Environmental Design major finds out his ex-girlfriend is pregnant. “That’s where you immediately see Lou begin to have to figure out his life,” the actor previews.

“How does he balance being a good father and a good partner? And how does he balance still wanting to achieve what he wants?” he adds.

Watch our interview with Lavi and Kusnitz above and below.

Underemployed premieres Tuesday at 10 PM on MTV.

Do you relate to what these college grads are dealing with? Tell us in the comments section below.

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