New ‘Skyfall’ Clip: Is This the End of James Bond?

If the seemingly unkillable James Bond ever does buy the farm, he deserves a truly spectacular death. And he may get just that in the latest advance clip from Skyfall, posted at Yahoo! Movies.

In the sequence from the 23rd 007 adventure, opening Nov. 9, Bond (Daniel Craig) is wrestling with a foe on top of a moving train that’s crossing a very high bridge. Before the train pulls into a tunnel, a sniper’s rifle shot rings out. Bond falls off the train and plunges hundreds of feet into the water below. Firing the shot is one of his own colleagues, Eve (Naomie Harris), under direct orders from Bond’s boss, M (Judi Dench).

Is this the end of 007? Has the new movie given him license to die?

All right, we don’t really believe Bond gets killed; if anyone can find a way to survive this predicament, it’s 007. Still, things don’t look good for him.

Granted, it’s not like Eve is trying to hit Bond. She’s aiming for the other guy — but she can’t get a clear shot — and she tells M, who’s listening remotely from her office. With the train approaching the tunnel, Eve will soon lose Bond’s opponent.

“Take the bloody shot!” insists M, knowing full well that Eve may kill Bond in the process. Them’s the breaks in the spy biz.

Or are they? Maybe M really wants him dead? The early reviews of the film, which are overwhelmingly positive, suggest that the movie focuses heavily on the complicated relationship between the impulsive spy and his politically-minded boss, with M becoming involved in a scandal. Maybe the uneasy relationship between the intelligence chief and her least secretive secret agent finally come to a head?

You can watch the report above from CelebuzzThe Daily Buzz team on the latest Skyfall news, including some of the “Take the Shot” sequence. You can also watch the full clip from the movie below.