The Wanted Release ‘I Found You’ Music Video: Pretty Girls, Fist Fights and Diamonds (VIDEO)

Meet The Wanted!
Find out all about the British boy band that's climbing charts.
The Wanted may not be as popular as One Direction (yet), but while the lads of 1D live while they’re young, their older counterparts are serving up swag in the music video for their latest single “I Found You.”

Perhaps inspired by Lupin the Third, the video has the makings of a classic caper: beautiful girls, dapper attire, fist fights and stolen diamonds. Just when you think the story is going in one direction — the guys are obviously saving the damsel in distress, right? — the boy band delivers a shock ending, proving once again why they’re pop music’s newest bad boys.

Watch the video for “I Found You” above.

“I Found You,” which was written and produced by Steve Mac (the same man behind their global smash “Glad You Came“), sounds like nothing else on the radio — and that’s a good thing.

The track aims to capitalize on its predecessor’s success, and while the two songs share certain similarities, “I Found You” pushes the boy band boundaries.

Nathan Sykes arguably steals the track from his bandmates in the bridge, as he soulfully wails, “I said, people / We’re all looking for love tonight / But sometimes we can’t see it / We run by and find the love.” And for easily excitable fangirls, this means more camera time — and make out time — for Sykes, 18, and the mysterious blonde music video vixen.

“I Found You,” the lead track off The Wanted’s forthcoming album, officially drops in November. Head over to Direct Lyrics for the song’s full lyrics.

Watch the video for the single above. Listen to The Wanted sing their hit, “Chasing the Sun,” below.

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