Barack Obama vs. Mitt Romney, Round Two: A Breakdown of Their Body Language (VIDEO)

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Whether it was finger pointing or a quick sit-down-stand-up gesture, the second presidential debate had a smorgasbord of body movements from President Barack Obama and Republican candidate Mitt Romney.

But what did each shrug, sway and step mean?

“They really can’t stand each other,” body language expert Dr. Lillian Glass told Celebuzz’s The Daily Buzz on Wednesday.

“They’re in each other’s face . . . there’s a lot of animosity in the tone of their voice and their body language.”

What else did Glass reveal about the candidates’ body language?

While several news polls crowned Obama the winner of Tuesday’s debate, held at Hofstra University in Hempstead, N.Y., Glass says the aggression between the two candidates was pretty much neck-and-neck.

At one point, things got heated between the two when Obama got up to interject Romney’s remarks on oil, gas and coal.

“They put words in each other’s mouths, and that was a no-no in terms of the rules of the debate. They shouldn’t have done that,” Glass told us.

“Because that escalated, and they became angrier and angrier, that caused a lot of disdain and fighting between them.”

The final debate between Obama and Romney will be held at Lynn University in Florida on Oct. 22.

For more of Dr. Lillian Glass’ analysis of the candidates’ body language on Tuesday’s debate, check out the video above. What do you make of Barack Obama and Mitt Romney’s body language? Share your thoughts below.

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