Kristen Stewart, Robert Pattinson Romance: 70% of Readers Say the 'Twilight' Couple Should Not Reunite

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Kristen Stewart, 22, and Robert Pattinson, 26, have been spotted together on multiple occasions over the last month -- though many of their fans are not too thrilled about them rekindling their on-and-off romance.

After Stewart was caught in a tryst with married Snow White and the Huntsman director Rupert Sanders back in July, the Breaking Dawn twosome moved out of their shared Los Feliz home in Los Angeles, Calif., causing quite the whirlwind of emotions for the Twi-hard nation.

With the global promotional tour for the final installment of the Twilight series in action, the two have appeared to be back on, and were even seen getting close at the Chateau Marmont recently.

How are fans reacting to this reconciliation?

Celebuzz asked our Facebook fans, "Do you think Robert Pattinson should take back Kristen Stewart?"

Though the majority of our readers initially thought that Stewart should get another chance before their split went on the record, a whopping 70% of the audience now feels that she should not be forgiven for her infidelity.

Find out what some had to say below:

Liza J: "No...Once a cheater always a cheater!!!"

Dimar Alicia: "no i hate cheating !! SO big NO"

Sarah B: "Booooo! No! This is just a publicity stunt now that the premiere of Breaking Dawn II is near."

Tanya S: "If I thought they were going to end up together, I would say yes, but I highly doubt that, so NO."

Tianna M: "if he is happy and thats what he wants"

Kasey H: "yea they make a great couple"

After all the controversy and rumors of RPatz' hearbreak, it's now been reported that KStew has even invested in new digs close to Pattinson's abode.

What do you think -- should Robsten reunite? Weigh in below.

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  • Angela Ann Corvera Ylanan
    Angela Ann Corvera Ylanan

    Oh Robert why are you sooOOo Hot?!

  • ginellle johnson from jamaica
    ginellle johnson from jamaica

    u guys look sweet together

  • Katherine Farmer
    Katherine Farmer

    Yep because 15 year old girls with far too much invested interest in strangers are the people who should be making this decision.

  • jenifer

    Everyone forgets that these two are real living breathing feeling people who make mistakes and forgive just like the rest of us , so if they are in love and happy we should all be happy for them and butt out of there private lives and wish them love, health and happiness in whatever may come there way

  • ellenj55

    I don't know where you got the stats from but I've seen totally the opposite. I saw 80% for them. I really think if anything the media wants them to fail so they can make up crap, like they have been doing. Heaven forbid should the webloids write anything nice. I wish them well. My advice is they need to ignore all the written press. It is junk journalism anyway.

  • LV013

    Life is one big lesson where you never stop learning. What this couple chooses to do really is nobody's business. We are all on this planet for only a short time so it's great that Rob and Kristen are working things out. People should be inspired by them to follow your heart despite what others think. It's all about being happy.

  • VCW

    Now you're just making up numbers. I don't know what fans you have, but if you read other websites, you'll see that the majority of their fans are excited to see them together....I'm more likely to believe that 70% are excited, while the remaining 30% are upset that he's off the market again. Haters.

  • Sushi

    Who cares. Let them be. I have been there in the same exact situation and have forgiven and I was on the same side as Rob. It takes a strong individual to forgive and Rob has proven that he still loves her. She is so young and we ALL make mistakes. It will make her stronger and them stronger together. I'm not saying what happened is excusable or right but as I said people make mistakes.

  • Nngstctually

    It's no one's business but theirs. I personally hope their happy.

  • Dee

    You know, I'm glad Robert & Kristen did not give up on each other. Although she destroyed their romance, they were not over each other. Personally, Rob and K-Stew should get counceling to help make this relationship work.I wish them the best. P.S. K-Stew has learned a huge lesson.