‘Last Resort’ Preview: Christine Kendal Proves Herself a Loose Cannon (EXCLUSIVE VIDEO)

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As second in command, XO Sam Kendal (Scott Speedman) took control of the submarine on the Last Resort pilo, because his Captain Marcus Chaplin (Andre Braugher) questioned some shady orders, rather than just fell in line and followed them blindly. But, Sam’s own actions to stand behind his Captain and recognize his authority first put him in the hot seat with the government.

On the next all-new episode of Last Resort, “Voluntold,” Marcus and Sam are dealing with treason charges and a threat within their own crew. However, back at home, Sam’s wife is proving to be a threat of her own.

What’s coming up on Last Resort?

Sam took a moment to call his wife and remind her how much he loved her when he was helping take the U.S.S. Colorado rogue and take over a small island. However, she was just as quickly pulled into an interrogation room by the very government he had once sworn to serve and protect.

With officials feeding her information on secrets her husband kept from her about his time as a prisoner, Christine (Jessy Schram) became doubly on edge and understandably overtly emotional. Suddenly, she was facing the same question of trust as her husband.

In “Voluntold,” an old friend of Sam’s (guest star Jay Hernandez) pays Christine a visit to try to ease her fears about her husband, but his attempt at comforting may be hard to hear over the new media storm surrounding her.

Reporters may be wary of Sam’s recent actions, but just wait until they catch Christine’s wrath!

Watch  Celebuzz’s exclusive clip from tomorrow’s all-new Last Resort above.

Last Resort airs Thursdays at 8 PM on ABC. For more on the series, visit ABC.com.

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