Michelle Obama and Ann Romney Wear Matching Pink Dresses to Debate: Style Showdown (VIDEO + PHOTOS)

Michelle Obama's Style
A look at the First Lady's stylish campaign for the White House.
Talk about awkward!

While their husbands battled out their differences at last night’s debate, Michelle Obama and Ann Romney appeared to be on the same page — at least when it comes to fashion.

In arguably the ultimate political fashion faux pas, Obama and Romney wore the exact same shade of hot pink to the second presidential debate.

Though the candidates’ wives may have wore pink in support of Breast Cancer Awareness Month, the fashion gods must have enjoyed the irony that the stylish ladies chose the same not-your-average-shade of pink.

Even worse, the dresses themselves were very similar, with both pink ladies opting for tailored shifts. The big difference? The First Lady topped hers with a matching coat. Black patent leather pumps and a pearl necklace completed her very Jackie O look.

Romney, on the other hand, opted for a short-sleeved tweed dress, which she embellished with a green beaded necklace. Though Romney typically sticks to a classic look, she rocked baby blue nails that reminded us of Mrs. Obama’s insta-hit gray-purple nails from the Democratic National Campaign.

While we’re guessing the two didn’t call each other before the event to coordinate their copycat outfits, the candidates’ wives tend to gravitate toward the same vibrant colors, so perhaps the copycat moment was bound to happen. Still, Obama and Romney probably weren’t too thrilled to discover their similar taste in pink at such a highly photographed occasion.

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Click through the gallery for a closer comparison of Romney and Obama’s colorful styles.

For a breakdown of Mrs. Romney’s campaign style, check out the video below.

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