Octomom Nadya Suleman Reveals Intent to Sue Ex-Nannies Who Alleged Child Neglect, Sexual Abuse (EXCLUSIVE VIDEO INTERVIEW)

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Nadya Suleman, known colloquially in the press as "Octomom," says she's hired a lawyer to fight allegations from two nannies who claim they witnessed child neglect and sexual abuse inside her La Habra home.

"I have retained an attorney to go against them for slander and all the false allegations against me and their elder children," Suleman told Celebuzz in an exclusive sit-down interview.

"These were not nannies; they were never former nannies," she continued. "They were just occasional volunteers and/or babysitters that would just come in … They were plotting for years -- unbeknownst to me -- to make money."

The allegations were first made public last Friday, when two anonymous women came forward to CBS2.

"I feel like those children are in danger,” one of the women said. “I think something is going to happen to those children if nothing is done.”


The charges were subsequently rejected by the Orange County District Attorney's office, which cited insufficient evidence.

Still, Suleman says she remains mad as hell by the accusations.

"To actually accuse any of us -- me, my children, my older children ... of any type of abuse -- that's like the lowest blow you can go, with sexual abuse."

"I worked with children who have been molested and abused for years in school, working towards my counseling degree. That allegation is the sickest, sickest you can go."

For more on Celebuzz's exclusive interview with Suleman, watch the video, above.

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  • Mahopinion

    You've got to love it when she tells such blatant lies. She's a lawyers dream....tells lies on video tape for all the world to see.

  • Hopeflys

    Timeline: Octuplets 1st Christmas Octomom wears naughty Ms. Santa outfit for family holiday pix Octomom uses used pregnancy bras and panties to lure people to her garage sale to sniff out bargains. Dressed as a dom Octomom makes fetish video in her childrens playroom using their toys as props. Whips and humiliates a man dressed as a baby in a diaper and bonnet as he rides their rocking horse, Octomom makes a porn DVD using baby clothes as props. Octomom makes a music video where a man in his underwear dances around with the 3 year old octuplets having a sexy party.

  • Lindida

    NataLIE...Suing honest people....a group of people, who all say the same thing about about you, mental abuse can hurt the kids forever ...but as a group, your lies & dysfunction is about to come full circle.......now knowing what you have done is so brutal & disgusting.....you used these kids for what? The love of money & fame, that you so desperately seek....but with every new stunt, you are showing the public your lack of morals, integrity, poor judgement....Guess this is what happens when a used up pornstar manager, tries to re-invent a current pornstar ....word of advice....You can try to fool the public, but when it comes to children, God gets kind of cranky...Karma is knocking.....

  • pkj

    Hey Natalie- How about that recent video of your bare-butted kid dancing around with a man in his underwear in Gina's kitchen? You know, when you were all dancing around to that great children's classic "Sexy Party?"

  • Laurie

    The Los Angeles news showed text messages that Nadya sent to the babysitter claiming she was like a sister to Octo herself, claiming the kids saw her as an Aunt, and wanted to set up an arrangement where the sitter would watch the kids while Nadya worked her porn and stripper gigs. If Nads thought the sitter was obsessed, why did she take advantage of the free babysitting? Oh yeah - and Nadya has claimed fo over a year and a half that she is doing it ALL by herself without any sitters or nannies. Now we find out she had several people helping her watch the kids. I guess Octo has been caught in a lie.

  • Laurie

    If Nadya claims these "babyitters" were obsessed with her babies from the time they came home from the hospital, the WHY DID SHE HAVE THEM BABYSIT 3 1/2 years later? EVERY time a claim of neglect or abuse arises, Octomom claims people are obsessed with her kids. It does not sound right to me and this excuse of hers is getting old.

  • Jellybean

    She's so spastic. What is she on? Sadly, we all know that where there's smoke, there's fire. I believe all the nannies and volunteers. Nadya, just lying as usual. Hurts to even imagine what Nadya does when no one is around to see.

  • BetteN

    She seems very angry and stressed in this video. Karma getting you down Nutjob? Just wait. After you sue, it gets ten thousand times worse...for you.

  • boomom22

    Hey big mouth Nadya/Natalie...you just go ahead and try to sue these people who care more about those kids than you do. They loved and nurtured them for free while you gallivanted off doing your porn, stripping, shopping, and plastic surgery. You just can't stand that the kids loved and felt safer with someone that is not YOU. You can't stand to be faced with the truth...you are an unfit, selfish, narcissist who bilked the government to pay for IVF, not because you wanted children to love, but wanted to get famous and make money off of them. So you go ahead and try to sue, you conasse, and the truth will come out. Everybody will know what a terrible 'mother' you have been, what few supporters you have will have to face it. How your manager can stand to be around you and promote you is beyond me. You are probably the most repugnant person in the media, I hope so much those poor kids get away from you and into a decent home and future, especially poor autistic Aiden, who if you didn't draw a check on him you would have put him in an institution and forgot about him. God help you Nadya. You are a screwed up human being. You don't need plastic surgery, you need a brain transplant. Yours is screwed up beyond all redemption.

  • donedonedone

    Look. You are over. You are tweaked, delusional, out in the desert with a short term lease and no admitable money, no prospects at all, an obsessive and very expensive cosmetic surgery habit that you are fiddling with constantly, parents too old and broken by you to help much longer, and 14 impoverished kids. The oldest are now into square one juvee behavior in a gang area. The youngest are thriving when part of a loving normal household that is not yours and visibly sad, depressed and catatonically suffering around you. You have been exposed by your own ustream mistreating your autistic child . You have NOTHING to bring to court that can't be effortlessly countered by the truth. The only way you can garner and interest form teh public who is now simply having every worst suspicion about you confirmed, to do right by your kids and let someone who can give them a normal happy childhood do it. You can't, wont, and have chosen not to have the interest or the ability to do it. You have got someone willing. Why blow it? NO one is on your side. simply because you have made it about you and your celebrity fixation versus the visible effects of the lack of a mother for 14 kids. And no one is ever going to choose you. Why should they?

  • donedonedone

    So preciselywho besides yourself, do you have telling the truth, as opposed to your usual less than credible same excuses? How is it possible that just about everyone who you currently aren't writing checks to is always lying about you? Over and over again. Where are your defenders? This would be great time to just accept that you are delusional, get treatment, and let your kids go have the lives they have been incredibly lucky enough to find a loving, nurturing someone else to provide for them. And it's possible you've been planning this from the moment you realized you had a wealthy mark in your sights. Fortunately, that includes the ability to find lawyers better than Badczech. Not that that would be any too hard.

  • BadMuppet

    This is a very bad person

  • mike hunt
    mike hunt

    this woman is a filthy w_hore

  • Mahopinion

    How many people has she said she was going to sue? There was her previous publicist, the owner of the home she trashed, the strip club owner and several others. How many has she actually sued? That would be a big, fat ZERO. Bring it on Sulemonster. There is a little thing called Discovery that will bring all the skeletons out of the closet. I'm going to need a bigger bucket of popcorn so I can enjoy ths.

  • Bluebonnet

    She's lying when she says she didn't know about the sex abuse allegations at the time she did the drag show with the plastic babies in New York. Her drag show performance was at 9:30 p.m. on Friday Oct. 12. However, she was on the phone with TMZ Friday morning at 6:45 a.m., Oct. 12, saying that the allegations were "blatant lies." So she went ahead and gave that disgusting performance knowing all about the allegations.

  • GrandmaB

    She claims the nannies filmed her kids naked? Well, shall we pull out Nads' UStream video of where SHE was filming the kids naked and even announcing that they were naked and telling them to come out in front of the camera? Oh, we've got a lot of videos, Nads. And a lot of your lies on videotape to prove you called these women your "nannies.".

  • BetteN

    I can't wait for the subpoenas to go out to everyone who has ever worked for her or been in her house and seen how those children are treated. Those are statements under oath that most of America would LOVE to read.

  • BetteN

    Do lawyers take EBT cards? I hope the lawyer she "retained" tells her that lawsuits are not a one way street. Hey Nutjob, as him to explain what a 'deposition' and 'discovery' are. Then maybe ask him to fill you in on the penalties for a threatening a witness to a criminal complaint. Yeah, please sue. Please please please!

  • BelleStarr

    Please, oh please, do sue them. I can't wait for 'discovery' when the sordid truth will come out about how you treat the octuplets and poor austistic Aiden when the cameras aren't on.

  • sttbtch

    LIES LIES LIES!!! SHe claims she i scared of people taking her kids but allows volunteers. Says she didnt know about allegations before feeding baby doll vodka but called TMZ to tell that all charges are blant lies. Who is lying now

  • Alvin

    ETA: Nadya has always "threatened" to sue people when they have come forward with allegations, e.g., the strip club owner who said she stripped at his club; the limo driver who said he used to drive her to "private parties" when she was a stripper; etc. But not once, NOT ONCE, has she ever followed through with her threats. So, for once in your life, Nutso, follow this one through. Sue the nannies. Tick tock.

  • Alvin

    Everyone please tell Nadya "Nutso" Suleman to PLEASE, PLEASE, go ahead and file the lawsuit. The former nannies (as she called them when she wanted them to watch the kids) are ready with their own attorney to stand up with their charges and to back them up with videos, pictures, and text messages from Nadya. Maybe Nutso doesn't understand the laws of "discovery". She'll be opening her own can of worms. So... please do sue, Nadya. We are waiting for you.