‘Suburgatory’s’ Ana Gasteyer Talks Shay Family Secrets, Reuniting With ‘SNL’s’ Rachel Dratch

When ABC’s Suburgatory returns for its second season, it’s fall again. And that’s usually quite a festive time for the Shay family as they relish their time on-state at Chatswin’s talent show, The Fall Follies. But, a shadow has been cast on the family this time around.

“That’s where we pick up, in the fall [with] The Fall Follies and the performance that everybody comes back to Chatswin with and with this family dynamic changing around Lisa’s knowledge that her brother is adopted,” Ana Gasteyer, who plays mom Sheila Shay, tells Celebuzz.

Although it was clear that Lisa (Allie Grant) wasn’t too happy to find out that Ryan (Parker Young) was the adopted child and not her, she’ll find a way to use it to her benefit at first.

What’s the fallout from hiding Ryan’s adoption?

“It’s a long fall for the Shays,” Gasteyer, 45, says. “Yeah, believe me, it’s manipulated and played with and discovered and it’s very sad. Yeah, it’s sad and very funny the way it all gets resolved.”

The family does a hilarious routine dressed as cats in the talent show. And, so we wondered if learning choreography was as easy for Gasteyer as it was when she starred on NBC’s Saturday Night Live.

“You know, [Chris] Parnell is the best, because he’s a pro,” she says of her TV husband, also a former SNL castmember. “It took a little bit of work. We had to have a couple of extra rehearsals. And then, it came together at the eleventh hour.”

Speaking of SNL, Rachel Dratch will be stopping by the ABC series this season for its Halloween episode. “She was cast as the Witch of East Chatswin,” Gasteyer explains. “She and Sheila have an old history that dates back to middle school, a rivalry of sorts, and she’s been labeled a witch.”

And although the dancing skills from the long-running NBC sketch show didn’t immediately come back for the actress, working with Dratch did feel like old times for the her.

“You’re like, ‘Here we are again,’” Gasteyer describes. “You fall into a very easy rhythm with each other.”

Suburgatory returns Wednesday at 9:30 PM on ABC. For more on the show, visit ABC.com.

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